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Best Stackable Washers & Dryers 2019 Review

(Our Top 5)

If you have limited space, a stackable washer and dryer can be the perfect solution. A stackable set allows the convenience of doing laundry at home without having to give up valuable floor space. With these top-rated sets, you won’t even have to compromise on load capacity in order to save space.

These are the top 5 stackable washer and dryer pairs for 2019

Miele WWF060WCS and TWI180WP

1. Miele Laundry WWF060WCS and TWI180WP (Smart with WiFiConn@ct)
For over 100 years, Miele has been manufacturing high-quality appliances. Today they remain a family-owned company. Miele is the most vertically-integrated brand in the industry, meaning that their machines and components are primarily made in-house. This means that Miele makes very reliable products. Although Miele makes a full lineup of luxury products, Miele is best known for it’s cleaning products: laundry and dishwashers.

Miele recently redesigned its residential laundry selection. Miele washers and dryers are ventless and require two 110V plugs. From an installation perspective, this is a big deal! The new Miele compact dryers have heat pump technology. This means that they are more efficient, emit less heat, and can be operated in a closet. Miele laundry is relatively more expensive but for many, it’s worth it! Miele is known for exceptional reliability and fabric care.

Additional Washer Features:

  • CapDosing: These small portioned capsules are simply placed into the fabric conditioner compartment. These capsules are meant to care for specific items like activewear and outerwear
  • HoneyComb Drum: The web-like surface structure of the Miele honeycomb drum creates a thin film of water between the drum and the laundry. This results in laundry gliding gently and protects the fibers perfectly.
  • Smart Conn@ct: Control your laundry from your smart device and monitor the status and performance of the machines

Additional Dryer Features:

  • Runs on a 110V plug
  • Heat Pump is the most energy efficient ventless dryer
  • Eco Feedback: Provides precise energy and water consumption data. This gives you full cost control. You can call up the prognosis for the consumption prior to the start of the selected program.

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LG Stacked washer and dryer
Photo by LG

2. LG Laundry WM4370HWA and DLEX4370W (with Smart ThinQ technology)

LG is a South Korean technology company. Their appliances are best known for technological innovation. Although they make a full suite of affordable luxury appliances, they are best known for manufacturing large capacity laundry and freestanding refrigeration.

LG was one of the first manufacturers to incorporate connectivity into their machines. With many of the front loading sets, you can connect to your appliance by Wifi or Bluetooth. From there you can download specialty cycles like “gym clothes” or “new clothes” for optimal fabric care. You can also monitor the health of your appliance. I personally use this set and it took about 3 minutes to download the Smart ThinQ app and connect my laundry to my phone.

Additional Washer Features:

  • TurboWash Technology: LG's revolutionary TurboWash technology saves time on large loads and adjusts the washer movements for optimal cleaning performance
  • Steam Technology: Steam helps power out wrinkles and refresh laundry without having to pull out your iron every time
  • NFC Tag-On: Allows you to download new cycles directly from your smartphone, and diagnose any problems that might arise with the machine.

Additional Dryer Features:

  • Smart ThinQ Technology: Stay connected with features like Smart Access and Smart Adapt, which allow you to monitor your laundry remotely and download new and improved cycles.
  • LoDecibel Quiet Operation: Keeps your LG unit running quietly - do your laundry without the noise.
  • Energy Star ® qualified: Among the most energy-efficient units in its class - that means you can expect big savings on your utility bills.

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3. Whirlpool laundry WFW8620HW and WED8620HW (with Load and Go XL)

Both the washer and dryer in this set are ENERGY STAR® qualified, conserving energy and providing savings on your utility bill. This set boasts an impressive number of cycles along with some unique features.

The washer’s 12 cycles include EcoBoost™, for additional energy efficiency, as well as a steam clean option. With the 12-Hour FanFresh® Option, a built-in fan keeps your laundry fresh even after the wash cycle has ended. For even more convenience, the Load & Go™ XL Dispenser holds enough detergent for 40 loads, so you won’t have to hassle with adding it every cycle.

A spacious design and cycles that include settings for bulky items and quick dry, make this Whirlpool dryer a standout option. As Whirlpool’s most efficient dryer available, this unit uses Advanced Moisture Sensing to monitor moisture levels and avoid over-drying.

Additional Washer Features:

  • Skip steps with the Load & Go™ XL dispenser. Simply add detergent once and skip refills for 40 loads.
  • Nest Learning Thermostat® Integration: Save the time you spend re-washing damp clothes left in the tub when you sync your smart washer with the Nest Learning Thermostat®. It learns when you're away and turns on the 12-Hour FanFresh® option so clothes stay fresh.
  • 12 Hour Fan Fresh Option: Keep clothes fresh for up to 12 hours after the wash cycle has ended. A built-in fan activates after the wash cycle is over, tumbling clothes for up to 12 hours so you can finish laundry when you're ready.

Additional Dryer Features:

  • The Wrinkle Shield™ Plus option with Steam uses tumbling and steam for up to 150 minutes after the cycle ends or until you open the dryer door for improved wrinkle-fighting performance.
  • The Sanitize cycle provides care for your clothes in the dryer while eliminating 99.9% of common household bacteria.
  • Release wrinkles and reduce odors with the Steam Refresh cycle. It uses water and heat to get clothes ready to wear without rewashing.

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Bosch Laundry Pair

4. Bosch 300 Series Laundry BOWADREW3
As a leader in home appliances, Bosch designs its products with smart, modern conveniences. This large capacity, stackable set delivers a host of innovative features.

The washer contains over 15 different cycles, so you can customize the perfect washing experience for all types of materials. The special sanitize cycle heats water temperatures up to 170° F, so you can be assured your clothes leave the washer free of bacteria and household allergens.

You’ll be able to complete more laundry in less time with this dryer’s large capacity. Tired of shrinking your garments? The dryer uses intelligent sensors to prevent overheating by automatically sensing the needs of each load and adjusting its performance accordingly.

Additional Washer Features:

  • SpeedPerfect feature to provide up to 40% faster washing time
  • 15 Wash Cycles: Permanent Press, Permanent Press Heavy Soil, Permanent Press Light Soil, Delicates, Quick 30 min, Rinse/Spin, Hand Wash/Wool, Drain, Cotton Normal, Cotton Light Soil, Towels, Allergen, Jeans, Heavy Duty, Drum Clean
  • ActiveWater Technology adjusts the water level for efficient wash cycles

Additional Dryer Features:

  • 15 Dry Cycles: Permanent Press, Permanent Press Extra Dry, Permanent Press Damp, Delicates, Quick 40, Time Dry, Hand Wash / Wool, Air fluff/No Heat, Cotton Dry, Cotton Extra Dry, Towels, Sanitize, Jeans, Heavy Duty, Quick Dry Auto
  • Gentle Drying: The Sensitive Drying System uses warm mild air to gently dry laundry in the same time as comparable vented dryers, and the unique drum pattern creates air cushions to protect clothes
  • Low Vibration and Quiet Operation: Anti-vibration circular side walls reduce vibration to keep the dryer running quietly

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Samsung stackable washer and dryer

5. Samsung Washer and Dryer Set SAWADREW13 (with VRT Technology)

Samsung promises a stress-free laundry experience with this high-performing washer and dryer set. This set features user-friendly Smart Care technology, handling troubleshooting through a smartphone app.

The washer’s generous capacity cleans large loads with ease. The drum is kept perfectly balanced for smooth, quiet operation with Samsung’s VRT Plus™ technology. With the AddWash™ door, forgotten items can be added to a current load, mid-cycle.

Multi-Steam Technology allows the dryer to remove wrinkles and odors, delivering fresh laundry with every cycle.

Additional Washer Features:

  • Self Clean+ technology keeps the washer tub fresh by removing dirt and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals. Self Clean+ also sends reminders to clean the tub every forty wash cycles and even sanitizes the gasket
  • The diamond drum interior helps extend clothing life by treating fabrics gently
  • Samsung's patented VRT technology reduces noise an incredibly low level. Its innovative tub design balances heavy loads quietly and with ease. Upstairs laundry has never been less obtrusive

Additional Dryer Features:

  • Sensor Dry: Dual heaters dry laundry by alternating between two different heat sources, resulting in less overall energy use at lower temperatures and moisture sensors protect laundry from heat damage by automatically shutting off the dryer when clothes are dry
  • Smart Care: Skip customer service and troubleshoot issues straight from your smartphone. Smart Care interacts with your washer and dryer to perform an immediate diagnosis and offer quick solutions
  • 7.5 cu. ft. of capacity lets you dry 2.8 baskets in a single load