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Renowned Designer Nate Berkus Partners with LG to Create a Line of Stunning Studio Collection Appliances

If just 36 months ago you were to have told legendary interior designer Nate Berkus (one of Oprah’s all-time favorite designers, by the way) that he’d be tapped by a South Korean appliance maker to lend his design expertise to refrigerators, cooktops, ranges, and more, he’d probably have to sit down and take a breather.

“I am not a cook,” says Berkus during a recent interview, “I can barely make a grilled cheese sandwich.”

But his infatuation with all things design-related is what makes his partnership with industry giant LG such a match made in heaven. LG has always delivered innovative, durable appliances to clients around the world - with standout items like refrigerators with linear compressors and the world’s first 84” Ultra-HD television creating instant fans out of new users. But to truly separate the brand from the other leading appliance makers today, LG knew it had to compete in one area in particular - the near-luxury space, where customers expect high-end features, near commercial-grade quality and durability, all at an affordable price point. LG needed a designer with an eye for modern American tastes and sensibilities.

Why Nate Berkus?

The designer released his now-classic book Home Rules: Transform the Place You Live into a Place You’ll Love in 2005. His unique eye for design and step-by-step approach to transforming living spaces spoke to the American public, and his popularity enabled him to begin licensing home goods for sale through large national retailers like Target and Linens ‘n Things. But it was his collaboration with international icon Oprah Winfrey over nine years ago that cemented Berkus as “America’s interior designer.”

The LG Collaboration

When LG asked Nate Berkus to be an artistic adviser to the company, they probably didn’t care about his cooking ability. But they must have been pleasantly surprised to see how Berkus put his “functionality meets elegance” spin on LG’s higher end appliances. His touch is visible across the entire LG Studio collection - from refrigerators to microwaves to slide-in ranges, and it is his unwavering commitment to functionality that makes these appliances more than just a pretty face.

For example, the LG Studio refrigerators in this collection are available in either standard 36” width or max-capacity 42” size, in either standard depth or sleek counter-depth. But features like a fingerprint-resistant, black stainless steel finish, a massive ice and water dispenser (constructed largely of stainless, instead of common plastic like in most refrigerators), and the revolutionary InstaView window (just tap the “window” portion of the right door and it goes from opaque to transparent in an instant), shows that Berkus and LG value day-to-day performance and utility versus overt design cues.

But that’s not to say that his design influence goes unnoticed. In fact, it only takes a quick look at the LG Studio collection to see that a truly world-class designer has been invited into the kitchen. The door panels on the refrigerators are crisp and sleek, with robust, commercial-grade handles that would look right at home in a 5-star chef’s personal kitchen. The LG Studio collection offers dozens of choices in cooking appliances, delivering some of the sleekest and most user-friendly options in microwaves. From simple yet elegant tabletop units to high-end over-the-range convection ovens, to gorgeous, over-engineered slide-in ranges, the entire LG Studio collection marries design and functionality as only LG and Nate Berkus could.

There’s even an LG Studio series dishwasher, featuring a luxurious stainless interior, a silence rating of just 42dBA, NSF certified rinse, and hidden control panel for a seamless and tasteful look. Virtually all of the LG Studio series appliances are available in revolutionary black stainless finish, which is durable, incredibly sleek looking, highly resistant to fingerprints and smudges, and marries wonderfully with almost any interior décor choice or cabinetry color.


LG Studio for Your Home

If you are ready to replace the refrigerator, microwave, range, oven, or dishwasher in your kitchen, consider the LG Studio series of appliances for your unique space. These appliances will look amazing in your home, and the innovative design features and legendary reliability of LG appliances will provide you with many years of dependable and economical service. Add in a touch of head-turning style courtesy of Nate Berkus and you have a recipe for a kitchen makeover. For more information about the LG Studio series of appliances, or to place an order, contact your preferred appliance and home goods retailer AJ Madison today!