Best Under-Counter Refrigerators of 2023

Under-counter, refrigerators offer extra capacity and offer a beautiful addition to any kitchen design. Learn more about our top picks.

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Under-counter refrigerators are more popular than ever! There are a few reasons for this. For the main refrigerator, many consumers are opting for a counter-depth model. When you make the switch from full depth to counter depth refrigerator, you lose an average of 4 cubic feet. A great way to make up for lost capacity is to get an undercounter refrigerator. Not only will you free up much-needed capacity in your new refrigerator, but your guests will appreciate not having to dig behind your leftovers to access a drink. Undercounter refrigerators come in many sizes, shapes, and configurations. You can certainly find a compact refrigerator that best fits your needs and budget.

With kitchen sizes increasing and the trend of outdoor cooking spaces and fully-equipped home entertainment rooms, homeowners are realizing the value of adding extra refrigeration. If you’re considering purchasing your first compact refrigerator or replacing an existing unit, here are the top five undercounter refrigerators to consider.