Why You Should Consider Samsung's Family Hub

Innovative features at a competitive price.

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Historically, Samsung has been a leader in the appliance innovation game and the Family Hub refrigerator is no exception. Samsung introduced the Family Hub concept at CES back in 2016. Over the last three years, Samsung has taken the time to update its performance and reduce the cost.


The Family Hub comes in several different layouts. Check out some of the top Samsung Family Hub refrigerators.

How could the Family Hub change your life?

The Family Hub Refrigerator is one of the most technologically advanced models available. Learn more about some of the most amazing benefits of this refrigerator series.

Reducing clutter:

Look at your kitchen, what do you see? Refrigerator magnets securing family photos, engagement announcements, and party invitations? A calendar on the wall tracking your busy schedule? The kids' art projects? How about a Bluetooth speaker or a small TV on the counter?

As much as you love your kids’ projects, family photos, and that small tv set, you won’t want to start pasting these items all over your new appliances and cabinets? The Family Hub gives you the ability to keep your memories, calendar, and media in one place! With the Family Hub, you can stream Sunday cartoons for the kids, access your favorite cooking playlist, and do dishes without missing a play of the big game.

Meal planning:

Forgetting to buy a key ingredient is the worst! With the Family Hub, you can see the inside of your refrigerator in real-time, manage grocery lists, find recipe recommendations or even order in from Grub Hub.

Your safety and security:

The Family Hub can connect to other smart devices in your home. You can adjust the lights, thermostat, home locks, or monitor your baby’s room. You can share your location with family members. The Hub has parental controls so you can manage your family’s app access. The refrigerator also has an open-door alarm and dispenser lock for households with children.

Food preservation:

Refrigerators are supposed to keep your food cold. The Family Hub refrigerator has separate evaporators for the refrigerator, freezer, and flex zones. This ensures better temperature accuracy and moisture control so your perishable fruits and vegetables stay fresher for longer. In the past, you had to spend over $6,000 to get a refrigerator with multiple evaporators. Now affordable luxury brands have figured out a way to offer better cooling technology at a lower price. In addition, the refrigerator has power cooling and power freezing, which will quickly cool your groceries when you first load them into your refrigerator.

Fit and finish:

When selecting your new refrigerator, style will affect your decision. All models are available in either stainless or black stainless. You can get the Family Hub as full or counter depth with an external ice/water dispenser for easy convenience, print-resistant stainless steel, LED internal lighting, gallon door storage, and adjustable shelves to accommodate tall food items. If you are planning to mix and match brands in your kitchen, Samsung has a few refrigerators that have no handles so you can avoid clashing styles.