Review of the Viking 7 Series Integrated Refrigerator Collection

Explore Viking Columns with Bluezone Technology

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Refrigerator columns are all-refrigerator and all-freezer towers that can be installed side-by-side or separately. They are a top choice for high-end kitchen renovations because you can customize how much space you want to allocate toward fresh and frozen food.

Viking is a luxury appliance brand owned by the Middleby Corporation. Viking was originally known for manufacturing powerful ranges. Viking’s new column refrigerators were designed with many of the most sought-after features and color customization.


Viking is known for its professional ranges that come in cool colors. Now you can match your custom color professional range with Apple Red or Cobalt Blue refrigerator columns. These refrigerators are also built with other top design attributes in mind.

Food Preservation

At the end of the day, refrigerators are supposed to keep your food fresh. Viking incorporated many of the latest cooling technologies into its new collection.

Refrigerator Organization

When shopping for a new refrigerator it’s important to make sure the layout works for you. Make sure to take a look at the depth of the shelves, adjustability door storage, and crisper bins. Viking 7 Series Refrigerators will come equipped with an internal water dispenser for added convenience.

Additional Freezer Features

Nearly 99% of the time, your refrigerator choice will drive your freezer choice. All of the design attributes are also true for the freezer. In addition to the internal water dispenser in the refrigerator, the freezer has an automatic ice maker with filtered ice.

Final Thoughts

Since Viking is a luxury appliance brand it makes sense that their robust refrigerator lineup includes column all refrigerators and all freezers. Columns are the most popular type of high-end refrigerator. This collection consists of several column models as well as bottom freezer model options.