Introducing the Summit BeautiFridge

Getting a high-quality beauty fridge can reduce bacteria growth & improve makeup application.

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If you're looking for some unique gift recommendations for the makeup or skincare enthusiast, consider a cosmetics fridge. Your special someone will love a better way to store their beauty products.

Consumers spend thousands of dollars every year on the best beauty and skincare products only to store them under the wrong conditions. Getting a high-quality beauty fridge can reduce bacteria growth, improve makeup shelf life and application. From sheet masks to jade rollers, her skincare and makeup routine will be so much better with longer-lasting cosmetics and skincare products.

What is the best skincare fridge on the market?

Summit's BeautiFridge is designed to last. With commercial components and a powerful compressor, the Summit BeautiFridge is well-built. Summit is a well-known manufacturer of home refrigerators, commercial refrigerators, and AccuCold medical and laboratory refrigerators.

Most cosmetics and skincare products should be stored between 42 and 65 ºF. Most food storage refrigerators run between 34 to 40ºF. Therefore, you shouldn’t put your cosmetics in your regular refrigerator.

Where should you put a makeup mini-fridge?

Since the Summit BeautiFridge is only 14 inches wide and 18 inches deep, it's the perfect fit for almost any beauty station, from your bedroom vanity to a powder room countertop. You could also store this compact refrigerator in a walk-in closet, home office, she shed, or dorm room (assuming you want to gift one to yourself as well).

High-quality makeup is expensive! In case Mom might be worried about young kids using her lipstick for dress-up, the Summit BeautiFridge comes with a factory-installed lock and two keys.

What do you put in a makeup fridge?

· Eye cream or gel – cold reduces puffiness
· Anti-itch cream – your body can’t feel itchiness and cold at the same time
· Aloe - will alleviate burning and itching from sun-damaged or sensitive skin
· Sunscreen or products with SPF – warm environments reduce the effectiveness of SPF
· Nail Polish - refrigerated nail polish has less clumping for easier application
· Fragrance – light, and heat can cause your fragrance to change scent over time
· Lipstick – over time heat can cause lipstick to lose shape and color
· Liquid foundation
· Mascara
· Liquid eyeliner and lip liner pencils -- cleaner lines and better application
· Face masks and sheet masks (depending on the ingredients)
· Anything organic/natural without preservatives

Summit LX114LGT1 14 Inch Beautifridge Commercial Cosmetics Refrigerator

Key Features:

Adjustable Digital Controls
· Temperature control between 42 and 65 ºF, the standard temperature range for most beauty products and organic skin creams.

Double Pane Tinted Glass Door
· Tinted door designed to eliminate 99% of UV light
· Door tint available in 4 colors with varying visibility
· Glass doors can be upgraded with a mirror finish protective tint. This door can serve as a mirror for added convenience.

Adjustable Shelving

· Vibrantly colored interior shelves come in three colors: a deep ruby finish, blush pink, and glossy mint.
· Two adjustable powder-coated metal shelves with a tray-like design making it easier to transport cosmetics from the cooler to your counter
· The bottom shelf features a variety of cutouts for the upright storage of serums, creams, and similar items.