What is an Apartment Size Refrigerator?

Apartment refrigerators offer flexibility and style. Learn more about trending small space refrigerators.

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A refrigerator is an investment that can last for many years, so it's important to consider all your options before purchasing. While your first consideration for sizing a new refrigerator is how much space you have, your family's lifestyle, eating, and shopping habits also play a major role.

Do you mostly eat your meals out? Do you cook with fresh produce? Do you stock up on frozen foods? Do you live in a household of heavy meat-eaters or vegetarians? Do you shop light and often? These are important factors in determining the type and size of refrigerator you purchase and what options and features you need.

Consider how you and your family live now, as well as what your life might look like in 5 to 10 years (for example, are you currently an adult-only household, but you plan on having children in the not-too-distant future?). With a little thought and planning, you can ensure that your refrigerator will suit your life for years to come.

Popular Apartment Refrigerator Designs

Among the more popular designs are those that look like traditional refrigerators but in a smaller size. The freezer compartment on the top lets you store frozen foods and ice cream, while the bottom refrigerator is twice as large as the freezer or even larger. Modern designs come with a freezer drawer that slides out from the bottom, and others come with a door that you can open or mount from either the left or the right. You'll even find some retro designs that have just one door on the front with a smaller freezer compartment tucked inside. Retro-inspired designs mimic the refrigerators produced in the 1950s and earlier.

Benefits of Apartment Refrigerators

Apartment refrigerators are smaller in size than traditional fridges but not as small as the tiny models found in dorm rooms. The interior has enough space for a single person living alone or a couple, but you'll find some designs that have enough space to store food for an entire family. As manufacturers keep tweaking the overall design, you'll find some that come with an ice cube maker or a water dispenser inside. Using an apartment refrigerator can help open up your kitchen and give you more workspace too.

Choosing a New Fridge

The most important thing to focus on when choosing a new fridge is the size. A 7.3 or 7.4 cubic foot refrigerator is large enough for most apartment dwellers, but you may prefer a model with more than ten cubic feet of storage space. To save on space, some manufacturers now make fridges that have a taller and thinner shape. You get all the space that you need without taking up as much floor space. Manufacturers make apartment refrigerators in several styles, designs, and even colors with plenty of features you can use daily.