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New Samsung Black Stainless Steel Electric Double Wall Oven with Steam Cook

Multitasking Made Simple
We are introducing the new black stainless steel double wall oven by Samsung. It features the Flex Duo with Smart Divider for 3 Separate Temperature Zones, and by dividing your oven into zones you can cook three dishes at different temperatures simultaneously.

Wi-fi enabled temperature probe is also a great feature of the wall oven, which allows you to monitor your cooking progress from your smartphone. Other features are Dual Convection, Steam Cook, and 5.1 cu. ft. of total capacity.

All Samsung wall ovens feature a steam cooking mode as well as convection technology that circulates air faster for more evenly-cooked foods. Wall ovens also feature Samsung’s Rapid Preheat option, which shaves up to 10 to 15 minutes off the cooking process.

Hybrid Self Clean technology uses steam to clean the oven(s) without the need for manual scrubbing or the use of harsh chemicals. Samsung’s Hybrid Self-Clean is tested to produce less odors and deliver better results than traditional self-clean cycles found in other ovens and ranges. All wall ovens are Wi-Fi enabled and Sabbath Mode capable.

The Flex Duo™

Cook three dishes at different temperatures simultaneously with the Smart Divider.

Steam Cook

Delivers moisture at precise times for a crisp, browned outside with a tender inside.

Hybrid Self-Clean

Combines the ease of steam cleaning, with the effectiveness of self cleaning, with less odor and better performance than both combined.

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