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Good Quality Dishwasher Brands Available Now

This year, we’re all spending more time at home. Whether you’re working from home, social distancing with family, or cooking for the kids, you might begin to notice things about your house that need to be upgraded such as a squeaky ceiling fan, an uncomfortable sofa, or perhaps, a dishwasher on the fritz.

Dishwasher demand is at an all-time high. More families are cooking at home. With no school lunches, limited restaurant openings, and daycares closed, more meals at home means your dishwasher is working harder than ever before. We’re finding that some big-name brands are experiencing supply shortages and cannot meet the unexpected spike in demand.

If you’re looking for a new dishwasher, there are many brands to choose from. Most shoppers turn to dishwasher ratings only to be more confused by their research. Sometimes the best price dishwashers are built well, have all the greatest features, but a lesser-known brand name. My goal was to focus on some great independent brands not available at big box stores. The purpose of this article is to showcase five fantastic dishwasher brands that offer all the latest features. On this list, you will find three rack dishwashers, quiet dishwashers, and even drawer dishwashers.

Dishwasher Brands to Consider
Thermador is a luxury appliance brand owned by the BSH Home Appliances Corporation. Thermador is the higher-end sister brand to Bosch. Bosch gets top dishwasher ratings year after year for their quiet operation and reliability. Thermador dishwashers are essentially upscale Bosch dishwashers with many outstanding features including Wi-fi connectivity (select models), internal lighting (select models), sensitive cycles for crystal, flexible tines, and a 3rd rack for cutlery and cooking tools (select models). The top-of-the-line Star Sapphire Series offers an industry exclusive 20-minute hot water wash cycle.

Thermador offers some amazing package deals where you could qualify for a free dishwasher with the purchase of a Thermador range, or cooktop and wall oven.

Noteworthy Features:
  • Crystal Protection™ System ensures perfect results for fine crystal
  • Sapphire Glow™ Internal light illuminates glassware
  • Flexible Folding Tines fold down to accommodate larger pots, pans, and dishes and add flexibility to hold items twice as wide as standard models and significantly wider than competitors
  • Chef's Tool Drawer 3rd Rack delivers added loading capacity for a range of small and large utensils
  • Smart Feature Enabled with Home Connect - enjoy Personalized Control, Helpful Notifications & Remote Diagnostics. Receive recommendations for dishware cycles, as well as Remote Start from your smart device when you pair with the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect
  • Star Speed™ is a full hot water wash cycle in just 20 minutes
ASKO is a dishwasher brand that originated in Sweden. For years, ASKO dishwashers were distributed throughout the United States as the cleaning partner brand of Sub Zero and Wolf appliances. ASKO dishwashers are offered in a few different styles including cabinet panel-ready, full console stainless steel, or hidden control stainless steel with handles that match Sub Zero’s professional and tubular handles. ASKO is known for building energy-efficient dishwashers, continuously exceeding Energy Star standards. Their dishwashers come with a great warranty, two years full coverage, and an additional year with product registration.

Noteworthy Features:
  • Turbo Drying™ With a 25% increase in airflow, Turbo Drying™ gets every load completely dry. After the final rinse, the moist air inside the dishwasher is mixed with the dry air outside of the dishwasher which dries dishes, glassware and cutlery completely.
  • Power Zone Cutlery™ located in the dishwasher provide extra cleaning power and will leave your cutlery coming out squeaky clean.
  • Instant Lift™ With our unique Instant Lift™ height adjustment system, you can adjust the top basket to higher or lower positions and free up more space in the upper basket through a simple operation.
Blomberg is a popular European appliance brand with over 125 years of production in the appliance and metal industries. Blomberg is a brand owned by Arcelik, the 3rd largest appliance manufacturer in Europe. Blomberg makes appliances for the everyday family. They offer a full line of products with a great dishwasher price. Blomberg offers several dishwasher models under $1,000 with premium features such as a stainless steel interior, removable third rack, quiet operation, and some models have interior lighting.

Noteworthy Features:
  • Removable 3rd Rack This versatile rack is tailor-made for those occasions when you need to create extra space for cutlery and small items.
  • Mixwash During the same wash cycle, this brilliant dual water pressure program applies gentle pressure in the upper basket for delicate glass and china, plus 60-percent higher pressure in the lower basket to get even heavily soiled pots and pans thoroughly clean.
  • Power Wash specially designed 180-degree rotating arm features a 360-degree rotating head that reaches every single angle with an intense spray perfect for cleaning heavily soiled pots and pans.
  • Inner Illumination To make loading and unloading the dishwasher easier, Blomberg added inner illumination that offers a clear view of every corner.
If you’re looking for a drawer dishwasher, Fisher & Paykel is the brand to look for. Fisher & Paykel is a New Zealand based appliance brand. Today the brand is owned by Haier, a Chinese multinational appliances and electronics company. Fisher & Paykel make a whole suite of luxury and premium appliances including pro ranges, wall ovens, and refrigerators. Dishwasher drawers are both unique and functional.

Coming as a single drawer or double dishwasher drawer units, you can select from full console, professional stainless steel, or cabinet panel ready to match any kitchen design. Dishwasher drawers make a great addition to an entertainment space or bar area. They’re a top choice for aging-in-place as the drawer’s ergonomic design makes it easy to open and close, and the top drawer requires minimal bending.

Noteworthy Features:
  • Ergonomic Design DishDrawer™ dishwashers are as easy to open and close as kitchen drawers and can be conveniently positioned at counter height so loading and unloading require minimal bending.
  • True Half Load The drawer holds a true half-load for guilt-free small washes and fast turnaround of your dishes.
  • SmartDrive™ Technology The unique brushless DC motor acts as both a wash pump and a drain pump, which means fewer moving parts and greater reliability. The spray arm rotates at different speeds depending on the wash cycle selected, to deliver a superior clean and better dish ca
  • Independent Wash With the ability to use both drawers independently and select different wash programs the DishDrawer™ Dishwasher can wash everything from fine glass and crystal to heavily soiled pots and pans.
Beko is a European appliance brand owned by Arcelik, the 3rd largest appliance manufacturer in Europe. Beko appliances are sold in over 140 countries. Their mission is to enrich the lives of consumers who are conscious about wellness, family health, and nutrition through providing energy-efficient appliances. Beko is relatively new to the American appliance market yet offers many sought-out features at an affordable dishwasher price. With Beko dishwashers, you can find a full-size third rack, smart technology (select models), and models are super silent as low as 39 dBA.

Noteworthy Features:
  • Stainless Steel Tall Tub helps to dampen and insulate against noise, resists stains, corrosion adds extra durability, and has a higher temperature tolerance than plastic interiors.
  • Full-size Third Rack This removable rack gives you extra capacity for cutlery and espresso cups while still allowing for glassware and bowls in the upper basket.
  • HomeWhiz Smart Home Technology HomeWhiz smart home technology allows you to connect your smart appliance to your mobile devices, allowing you to control and monitor them from anywhere.
  • IonGuard neutralizes and removes bad odors inside your dishwasher - without the use of harmful gases or chemicals.