Best Appliances for Boat Galley Kitchens

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Boating is an adventurous and exciting activity, and having a well-equipped kitchen onboard can significantly improve the quality of life at sea. For yacht owners, designing a kitchen equipped to meet the demands of avid onboard entertaining or accommodating a long-distance voyage with guests is no easy task. The galley, or the kitchen area of a boat, is a unique space with limited room and special considerations for safety and functionality. Therefore, it's important to carefully choose the right kitchen appliances suitable for a boat galley. Layout planning in a vessel's galley is essential to maximize every usable inch of space. One needs to incorporate electric appliances with shallow depth and exceptional efficiency.

1. Compact Refrigerators

A compact refrigerator is an essential kitchen appliance for boat galleys. It's important to choose a refrigerator that is energy efficient and consumes less power. It should also be compact and able to fit into the limited space available in the galley. A compact refrigerator with a built-in freezer is an added advantage as it allows you to store frozen food items. Look for models with a lock to prevent unauthorized access to valuable wines and spirits. Plus, a fridge with a lock will be useful for turbulent sea weather.

One should consider U-Line Marine Series under-counter refrigerators and ice makers for the ultimate wet bar. Compact fridges are a great way to keep fresh ingredients and beverages at a safe temperature. Cocktails taste better during sunset offshore, and slow-melting crescent-shaped ice will elevate any seaside libation. U-Line icemakers can produce up to 23 pounds of ice daily and store up to 12 lbs. at any time.

If planning for a deck-side installation, explore various outdoor-rated refrigerators, including wine coolers, beverage centers, freezers, and icemakers – the options are endless.

For yachts that set sail for more extended periods, ample fresh food storage is paramount. Choices of column refrigerators, freezers, and wine cellars range in width from 24 inches to 36 inches, with many offering state-of-the-art features. One can mix and match columns for an ideal custom layout; some come ready to accept a custom cabinet panel. This design hides large appliances for a more sophisticated, sleek, and inviting space.

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2. Electric Grill

Adding a barbecue grill onboard delivers fresh land-lover flavors and grilling on deck has never been easier. The Kenyon Texan Series grills are built from marine-grade 304 stainless steel. These electric grills reach temperatures up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, and after cooking, clean non-stick grilling grates in the sink or dishwasher. There are also several options for galley grilling.

Many luxury brands like JennAir, Miele, Fisher and Paykel, and Wolf offer small modular electric cooktops, including 12-inch or 15-inch electric barbecue grills. These grills can be installed by themselves or paired with other modular electric cooktops for a custom cooking surface.

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3. Electric Cooktops

A small electric cooktop stove is another important appliance that is necessary for cooking onboard. An electric-powered stove is a good option as it is easy to use and is not a fire hazard like gas options. Induction cooktops are an increasingly popular choice because of their safety features, quick heat-up time, and easy cleanability.

You can also explore portable stove options for small vessels with limited space. Look for portable options that are lightweight and easy to store when not in use. Choosing a stove with a secure and stable base is important to prevent accidents while cooking.

When cooking on board, it is important to ensure that pots and pans stay on the cooking surface, despite motion in the kitchen. The appliance brand Kenyon offers unique innovations to keep cookware from slipping. Kenyon induction cooktops have an optional patented SilKEN® mat designed to cover the cooktop. This mat keeps everything in place and collects cooking spills. For cleanup, one can put the mat in the dishwasher or sink. Kenyon electric cooktop models come with a pop-up potholder system. PUPS™ keep pots safe and secure while cooking on the go.

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4. Microwave Oven

Cooking appliances should be multi-functional. A speed oven that can handle baking and microwaving functions will be a go-to for easy meals on board. A microwave oven is an excellent appliance for boat galleys as it can quickly heat up food and save you time and effort. Some microwave models can take on multiple features like bake, broil, steam, toast, or air fry modes.

It's important to choose a microwave oven that is compact and energy efficient. Most galley kitchens require a microwave that takes 110V power; look for a microwave oven with low wattage to conserve power and reduce the strain on your boat's electrical system.

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5. Coffee Maker

A good cup of coffee can make all the difference when you're out at sea. A coffee maker is an essential appliance for boat galleys, and it's important to choose one that is compact and easy to use. Built-in coffee makers are luxurious; they can make a wide range of hot drinks. Since they are built into the galley cabinets, they don't take up extra storage space.

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6. Dishwasher

A dishwasher may not be an essential appliance for boat galleys, but it can make your life on-board much easier. A compact and energy-efficient dishwasher is the best option for boat galleys. It's important to choose a dishwasher that is easy to install and maintain.

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7. Washer Dryer Set

For shipshape laundry, adding a washer and dryer set can provide the comforts of home, especially for longer voyages. Miele washer and dryer sets are a fabulous choice, as they are ventless, energy-efficient, and select pairs plug into standard 110-volt outlets.

Depending on the space, these washer-dryers can be stacked vertically, installed side-by-side on storage pedestals, or fit under most kitchen countertops. The control panel is customizable with time and temperature settings, as well as different language options. Miele appliances are known for uncompromising reliability. With representation in 150 countries, service technicians are available to provide prompt assistance in international harbors.

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In conclusion, a well-equipped kitchen is essential for any boat trip, and choosing the right appliances can make a significant difference in your quality of life onboard. When selecting kitchen appliances for your boat galley, consider the space available, power consumption, and ease of use. With the right appliances, you can enjoy delicious meals and beverages while cruising the open sea.