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Introducing the LG Front Loading Washer Dryer Set with TurboWash 360 Cleaning Technology

What's new? The LG Washer Dryer Set with TurboWash 360 Technology

If you’re in the market for a new washer and dryer set, consider LG’s new front-loading pair with the latest features and cleaning technology. Let’s take a look!

Front loading washing machines have been a top choice among homeowners for the last decade. If you’re in the market for a front loading washer, you will be pleasantly surprised by the massive capacity and cleaning performance. You might also find that your water and utility bills will be lower. Here’s why:

Front Loading Washers use Less Water - Front-loading washers use ⅔ less water than traditional top loading washers. Considering that an old-school top loader uses about 40 gallons of water per cycle, switching to a front-loading washer will save you money over time.

Front Loading Washers use Less Energy - Front-loading washers spin faster than top-loading washers. This means that during the spin at the end of a cycle, more water is extracted from your clothes. When you pull clothes out of a front-loading washer, they will be drier than they would be out of a traditional top-loading washer. This means that your dryer uses less energy to dry your clothes.

LG is a massive South Korean technology company with a robust collection of home appliances and electronics. LG washers and dryers are as functional as they are attractive. With extra-large capacity and the latest cleaning technology, your new washer and dryer will get you looking forward to laundry day.

The LG WM39000HBA washer is smart, attractive, and functional. Monitor and operate your washer remotely with your smart speaker or phone. With Smart Diagnosis you can monitor the health of your machine and troubleshoot service without having to set up multiple appointments saving your time and headaches.

The new TurboWash 360 cleaning technology will help you get through laundry day even faster with 30-minute full cycles. You can even pair this washer up with the LG Sidekick washer pedestal for even more cleaning capacity.

Additional Washer Features:

Additional Washer Features:

Steam Technology
  • Gently but powerfully penetrates fabrics to virtually eliminate dirt, odors and wrinkles.
6Motion™ Technology
  • Uses up to 6 different wash motions to provide a smart cleaning experience that is gentle on clothes and maximizes washing performance.
TubClean Cycle
  • The cycle uses water jets and intense heat (up to 149 degrees) to sterilize the tub and help keep your high-performing washer in tip-top condition.

The LG DLGX3901B dryer is efficient, fast, and has all the latest safety features. Speed dry will help you get through small loads more quickly. This dryer can also be operated from your smart speaker or phone.

The biggest issue with dryers is lint collecting in the vent behind the machine. I like that this dryer has a FlowSense Duct Clogging Indicator to notify you when the dryer duct needs cleaning. This safety feature will ensure your dryer works effectively and can even prevent a fire.

SteamSanitary™ Cycle
  • Ideal for sanitizing non-washable items quickly and easily using the power of steam.
SteamFresh™ Cycle
  • Uses the power of steam to quickly reduce wrinkles and odors in fabrics. It brings new life to wrinkled clothes that have been stored for an extended time and makes heavily wrinkled clothes easier to iron.
Sportswear Cycle
  • A unique dry cycle specifically made to care for activewear.