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LG vs. Samsung Washer & Dryer Set Comparison Review

Both LG and Samsung are familiar brands within the home appliance industry, and in the past few years both of these companies have made substantial leaps forward when it comes to washer and dryer innovations.

Consistently given top ratings by leading consumer publications, LG debuted their front-loading washers and dryers roughly 15 years ago. Offering technologically advanced solutions combined with top-performing products, LG strives to be among the leaders of home appliance innovation. Also a South Korea based brand, Samsung has spent the last decade striving to become a front-runner in the home appliance marketplace. Their vision for finding solutions to tomorrow's challenges with currently available technology is distinct in the features of their smart appliances.

LG and Samsung both manufacture washer and dryer sets equipped with smart technology. Below, we compare two top-rated sets from each brand and review the features each set has to offer.

LG 8100 Series Front Load Washer and Dryer

• Includes Warranty
• LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation
• Large Capacity

LG Washer Highlights

The integrated SenseClean™ system automatically determines your laundry's weight and adjusts the water level accordingly. You can be sure that your clothes will come out perfectly clean no matter the size of the load with penetrating steam technology that releases dirt, odor, and wrinkles while using less water than a typical washing machine.

For households that never seem to have enough time to get all that laundry done, LG delivers solutions. With the time-saving TurboWash® 2.0 technology, wash times are reduced by thirty minutes, keeping up with your busy schedule.

Whether your laundry facilities are upstairs or downstairs, in a utility room or bedroom, all possibilities can be considered when you don't have to worry about bothersome noise levels. TrueBalance™, LG's anti-vibration system, ensures a smooth and quiet performance for reduced noise.

What makes this machine truly smart is its NFC tag on technology, which lets you diagnose problems if they arise and allows you to download new cycles, all from your mobile device.

LG Dryer Highlights
Wouldn't it be nice to never have to worry about ironing anymore? With LG's TrueSteam™ technology, this dryer produces steam that lifts stains and odors and reduces wrinkles. On the topic of ironing, the Wrinkle Care option guarantees your clothes will come out wrinkle-free and ready-to-wear.

With LG's Sensor Dry system, you can be satisfied knowing that your dryer is automatically measuring humidity and moisture and adjusting drying times to deliver dry laundry every time.

Samsung 50K7500 Series Front Load Washer and Dryer

• Includes Warranty
• Digital Controls

Samsung Washer Highlights
Just because you forgot to add a piece of clothing in with your wash cycle doesn't mean you have to wait until you do another load to wash it. With Samsung's convenient AddWash™ door, forgotten laundry items can be added to a cycle already in progress.

Allowing for thorough cleaning of heavy items and enhancing the performance of your HE detergent, PowerFoam™ cleans fabrics more deeply. By using a mixture of air and water to transform your detergent into foam, you can be sure your laundry will get the deepest clean possible.

If time is of the essence, imagine a wash cycle that can have a full load of clothes washed in as little as 36 minutes. The Super Speed setting will do just that while still cleaning your laundry to the same standard you would expect from a regular wash cycle.

As a leader in smart home technology for its household appliances, Samsung's Smart Care troubleshoots any issues straight from your smart phone. Without needing to dial customer service, diagnostics and quick solutions appear right at your fingertips. The innovative Smart Care is integrated into this set's dryer as well for combined intelligence.

Samsung Dryer Highlights

Protect your fabrics from heat damage with Sensor Dry. The latest in Samsung's dryer innovations monitors moisture inside the dryer, timing cycles to perfection. When the clothes reach optimum dryness, the unit will automatically shut off to protect your clothing.

Preventative maintenance is nearly effortless with the built-in Vent Sensor. Detecting duct blockages and alerting you to when your vent needs cleaning is made easy by sending reminders directly to your smart phone.

LG vs. Samsung - Which one is best for you?

With so many innovative features, it can be difficult to decide between two brands that both provide quality and ease of use. This is where it all comes down to the details.

The LG models maintain the largest overall capacity and are well-suited to growing families that undertake an overwhelming amount of laundry on a weekly basis.

Both washers have 14 comparable wash cycles. However, the Samsung Super Speed setting will get a full load of laundry done the fastest. For busy professionals, the time-saving features of the Samsung washer will be a deciding factor.

When it comes to drying capabilities, both the LG and Samsung models are equipped with some kind of dryness sensor. The TrueSteam™ technology on the LG model wins out when comparing dryer features for its ability to effortlessly lift stains odors, and wrinkles in conjunction with the TrueSteam™ outfitted washer.

Whether you are making an effort to save time on laundry or tackling a high volume of clothing items that require special attention, choosing the right washer and dryer set will ultimately come down to your individual household needs.