Top 5 Best Stackable Washer Dryer Sets

If you have limited space, a stackable washer and dryer can be the perfect solution.

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A stackable set allows the convenience of doing laundry at home without having to give up valuable floor space in your laundry room. With these top-rated sets, you won’t even have to compromise on load capacity in order to save space.

Today’s laundry appliances are not just functional but also beautiful. Washer and dryer sets come in various shapes, sizes, configurations, and colors. Front-loading stackable washer and dryer sets are a versatile choice.

Fortunately, stackable washers and dryers don’t compromise on all the latest and greatest features. If you don’t have space for a big laundry room, you can still get creative. When adding a washer and dryer to a small space, consider stacking your dryer on top of your washer.

Most front-loading washing machines can be stacked. It's important to always use the recommended installation accessories, like a stacking kit to ensure the machines are installed safely.

Some of the best stackable sets are 24 inches wide and offer energy-efficient ventless dryers. Ventless small-space washer-dryers make fantastic secondary sets for large homes.

EnergyStar® labeled washers are 30 percent more energy efficient than the federal standard and 50 percent less water. Energy-efficient dryers incorporate advanced moisture sensors to help reduce energy use by automatically shutting off when clothes are dry.

When adding a washer-dryer to your home, location is key. To keep the peace, look for models with vibration and noise reduction features. Newer models offer special sensors to keep heavy loads balanced even at high spin speeds. This technology keeps noise levels low with fewer interruptions.

For most shoppers, picking the right washer dryer is an important choice. Consider the size of your laundry area, your budget, and your favorite must-have features. On a very basic level, people want to insert dirty clothes and make them clean. Recently, brands have dedicated their focus to fabric care, energy efficiency, and reliability.

Every washing machine will cover basic cycles, including a normal wash, heavy-duty, and gentle cycle. The best machines are using smart technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize performance over time.

With a smart laundry set, you can control the washing machine and dryer from your phone or smart speaker. Appliances with smart technology deliver new safety features, energy savings, and fabric care that was never before possible.