Faster Laundry the Smart Way

The latest in washers and dryers to help you get through laundry day as quickly as possible!

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Faster laundry

This month we’re focusing on laundry! You know your washer is very difficult to live without and if you’re anything like me, you like to get your laundry done as quickly as possible. It’s about time you give laundry some love with these new time-saving tricks. If you’re looking to replace your old washer and dryer or design a new laundry space, these time-saving features will certainly get you excited about your new favorite chore!

Timing is everything

You don’t want to dedicate time to laundry, and why should you? Make your washer work for you with remote activation or delay start. Whether you’re planning to buy wifi enabled washer -- or not, you will still get to take advantage.

Nobody likes clothes that have been sitting in the bottom of the washer all day. You can avoid this by telling your washer when to begin the cycle. If you want your clothes to be clean when you wake up, set your cycle to begin at 5 am. Transfer your clothes to the dryer when you first wake up. After you’re done getting ready for your day, your clothes should be dry and ready to fold. You can also coordinate your laundry to be done after your evening commute, while you take your kids to the park, or when running errands. Make your laundry afternoon a thing of the past and program your appliance to work around your schedule.

Fast Wash

Years ago, your washer cleaned a full load in about 30 minutes. Then, washing machines got more energy-efficient and washing technology became more complex. For a high-efficiency washer, the average cycle for a full load takes about an hour. Faster is always better, assuming your clothes come out clean. Electrolux and Bosch are two brands that offer quick wash cycles. For optimal performance in a quick cycle, you won’t want to fill the washer. It’s meant to speed clean 1-2 outfits at a time. This can come in handy if your kids constantly wear a school uniform, or if you forget to wash your favorite shirt the morning of an important meeting. Miele’s new laundry has a quick intense wash, a full cycle in under an hour.

Think beyond the laundry room

For large homes and busy families, multiple washing machines are key. This doesn’t mean your basement is going to look like a laundromat. Think outside the box. You could install an auxiliary compact set in the master closet or bathroom. If you have a pool, plan for a dryer nearby for towels. Although manufacturers are better than ever at controlling vibration and noise, avoid areas where you’ll need peace and quiet such as a nursery or home office.

If you don’t have space for multiple sets consider the LG Twin washer pedestal set or Samsung built-in active wash sink. These innovative solutions give you more cleaning capacity.

Increasing your capacity

Your new washing machine will have more capacity than your current one. Some washers today exceed 5 cubic feet! For reference, your old traditional top loader is about 3.5 cubic feet. Buying a large capacity washer means you will be able to get through more laundry faster.

Wringing it out

Whether you have a front or top loader, your washer will spin. At the end of the cycle, your washer will go into a final spin to wring out extra water from your clothes. Spin speed is measured in RPM or rotations per minute. Spin speed ranges from 800 to 1600 RPM. Why does a higher spin speed matter? The higher the spin speed, the drier your clothes will be when you remove them from your washer. High spin speed will significantly reduce drying time and will help you get through more laundry faster. Your new laundry will be more energy-efficient and could reduce the cost of utilities.

Live your life

The whole point of household appliances is to enable you to have a housework-life balance. Technology is taking this concept to the next level. With new smart laundry, you can monitor the progress of your wash cycle from your phone. You don’t need to babysit your appliances. Your laundry will send you a notification when the cycle is finished. This means you can spend more time interacting with your friends and family.

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