How to Measure for Your New Washer Dryer Set

Find the right washer dryer in 3 easy steps.

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Shopping for a new washer dryer set can be an overwhelming experience. Beyond the colors, styles, and features, there are 3 very important considerations you need to make before you make a purchase.

1. Measure your washer-dryer space

You walk through your home every day but it’s unlikely you pay attention to possible obstructions that could prevent you from taking delivery of new appliances. Walk into your home and take the most logical path a delivery person would need to take to deliver your new washer and dryer. Be mindful of any tight entryways, railings, corners, small elevators, or slanted ceilings. Make sure to take measurements of potential problem areas as you might need to account for them when selecting your new washer and dryer.

If your home has an existing washer and dryer, make sure that the existing machines can be safely removed from your home. Before delivery, it’s a good idea to have your old appliances disconnected.

Next, measure the space where your new washer and dryer will be installed. Measuring your existing washer and dryer is somewhat helpful, but does not give you all the information you need. Measuring the height, width, and depth of the existing space is always better because it will give you more information as to which new washers and dryers will fit.

If your space has closet doors, make sure your new appliance will tuck neatly behind them. Most compact dryers are ventless. However, if you’re planning to buy a vented dryer, keep in mind that they need 4-6’’ behind the appliance for the vent to properly connect to your wall.

It’s a good idea to reference the manufacturer’s specifications and double-check before making a purchase.

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2. Identify the connections behind your washer and dryer

This is where selecting a new washer and dryer becomes complicated. Before you take delivery, make sure to confirm that your new washer and dryer will be able to connect to your existing hookups. It is crucial to reference the electrical requirements for your new washer and dryer.

Traditionally an electric washer/dryer set requires:

- 1 x 110V plug, 1 x 220V plug, vent pipe, water connection

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Traditionally a gas washer/dryer set requires:

- 1x110V plug, gas line, vent pipe, water connection

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However, those rules are totally out the window for small space washers and dryers. Small space washers and dryers are notoriously tricky, and the requirements vary from brand to brand. To install your new washer and dryer, it’s possible that you might need to hire an electrician to get the appropriate outlets in place. When in doubt, take a picture of the plugs and hoses behind your existing washer and dryer and leave it to the experts at AJ Madison to help you!

3. Make sure you order the correct accessories

How do you want your new washer and dryer to look in your home? Are they going to be side-by-side, raised up on pedestal drawers, or will they be stacked in a closet? Depending on the configuration you choose, the accessories required to correctly install your new washer and dryer could vary. At the very least you will need an electrical cord or gas fitting, and a vent pipe (if vented). You might be able to choose from a whole host of accessories like pedestal risers, stacking kits, folding shelves, dryer racks, and even detergent pods.

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We Are Here to Help!

If you’re unsure about what you need, we highly recommend checking with one of our experienced team members. They will make sure you have everything you need to start using your new washer and dryer as soon as possible. If you want to order online, it’s always a great idea to reference the appliance specifications and installation guidelines.

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