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Introducing Jenn-Air Rise and Noir Appliances

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Jenn-Air recently released a whole new collection of luxury appliances. In two different styles, Rise and Noir, you can purchase a suite of Jenn-Air appliances that fit your design.

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Jenn-Air Rise

The Jenn-Air rise appliances have a thick tubular handle and delicate cross-hatching for added texture and style. The Jenn-Air rise appliances have more stainless steel on the oven doors and could be said to have a more traditionally professional-style look.

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Jenn-Air Noir

Jenn-Air noir appliances have a more modern appearance. Featuring clean angles and black glass, the noir line reinvents our perception of professional-style appliances. You no longer need to have an industrial looking kitchen to enjoy the culinary experience of cooking on a pro range.

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A Brief History of the Jenn-Air Brand

Jenn-Air was historically known for downdraft cooktops and ranges. Jenn-Air was bought by the Maytag Corporation in 1982 which was subsequently bought by the Whirlpool Corporation in 2006. Today Jenn-Air is the Whirlpool Corporations top luxury appliance brand.

Jenn-Air Appliances

What kind of appliances does Jenn-Air make? Jenn-Air offers a wide selection of appliances that you would find in a luxury appliance brand such as professional-style ranges, integrated refrigerators, steam, wall ovens, speed ovens, and specialty cooktops.

Jenn-Air JDRP748HM 48’’ Dual Fuel Range (Available as Rise or Noir)

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Smart Integration

  • Use voice commands with an Alexa-enabled device or the Google Assistant. Set Nest thermostats to react to rising oven temperatures. Use your smartphone or tablet to access hundreds of pre-programmed cooking modes in the Jenn-Air Culinary Center.

Gas Grill

  • Grilling knows no season. Our founder's legacy is rekindled as we bring grilling back indoors. Harness 16,000 BTUs of searing, even heat coursing beneath cast-iron grates.

Chrome-Infused Griddle

  • Cast off porous, superficially plated options. Go deeper. Infused with chrome, our griddle cleans up well after heavy usage.

Jenn-Air JF42NXFXDE 42’’ French Door Refrigerator (Rise or Noir panels sold separately)

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Obsidian Interior

  • Exclusive Obsidian interior dazzles guests as food item colors pop, even in matching crisper drawers and the freezer.

Style with Custom Wood Panels or Suite-Coordinating Stainless Steel Panel Kits (not included)

  • Customize the exterior with wood panels to seamlessly blend with surrounding cabinetry for a fully integrated look, or pair with RISE or NOIR Stainless panel kits to match other Jenn-Air® suite appliances.

TwinFresh™ Climate Control System

  • This system creates two distinct environments, ideal for both fresh and frozen foods' different preservation needs. It creates cool, humid air in the refrigerator and produces dry, frigid air in the freezer.

Jenn-Air JJW6024HL 24’’ Steam Convection Oven

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JennAir® Assisted Cooking

  • Take your pick. With 72 different pre-set oven modes and 7 specialty settings, you can create a wide variety of dishes minus the guesswork - using steam, convection, or both.

Flexible Installation

  • Make your move. With only a 120-volt connection required and an easy-to-fill water reservoir, this oven transcends the confines of the kitchen to go just about anywhere in your home.

3.5-Inch Full-Color LCD Display

  • The full-color LCD touchscreen is compact and packed with dynamic features that allow you to navigate effortlessly through settings and JennAir® Assisted Cooking.

Jenn-Air Custom Appliances

A huge trend in the appliance industry today is customization. Especially if you are buying luxury appliances, having the ability to customize your appliances to fit your kitchen design, and cooking style are expected. Take a look at a few ways to customize your appliances with Jenn-Air.

Modular Cooktops

Build your own cooktop by combining a series of smaller specialty cooktops together. I’m especially impressed by the induction wok burner (coming soon). The collection also includes gas, griddle, and induction options for you to mix and match.

Cuts by Jenn-Air:

Bespoke Custom Leather Refrigeration PanelsIt’s no surprise that the Jenn-Air product lineup includes column refrigerators. Column refrigerators are all-refrigerator and all-freezer appliances that you can mix and match to fit your groceries and kitchen design. 400 lucky Jenn-Air customers will have the option to customize the front of their refrigerator with bespoke leather panels for a truly unique look.

Smoke and Brass Jenn-Air Professional Range:

With only 50 ranges available worldwide, the Jenn-Air Smoke and Brass ranges bring luxury to a new level. Luxury appliances don’t have to be large stainless boxes. With the anodized brass finish, and brass backed control knobs, your main cooking appliance could bring new life to your beautiful kitchen.

Burlesque Jenn-Air Refrigerator Columns:

A new seductive interior for Jenn-Air refrigeration. The burlesque metal interior is a major departure from sterile white interiors of our past. With only 13 column pairs available, these luxurious refrigerator columns will go quickly.