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Is a Built-in Grill or Griddle Worth It?

If you’re thinking about buying a professional-style range you’re either building a new kitchen or replacing your existing range. If you never before owned a pro range get excited because you’re going to love it! In this article, I’m going to talk about the top things you should consider when buying a new pro range. Specifically, is a built-in grill or griddle worth it?

Is a grill or griddle worth it?

Professional ranges come in a wide variety of configurations. All burners are the least expensive and the most popular configuration. Yet some pro ranges come with a built-in surface such as a grill or griddle.

You might have to choose a grill, griddle, or both
Some ranges (especially in the larger sizes) don’t have an all burner option and therefore you need to select a configuration. Burners with either a grill or griddle are the most popular.

Some ranges come with both a grill and griddle, keep in mind this typically takes up more burner real estate so I only recommending opting for both on a very large pro range.

Why consider a griddle?
Breakfast foods, sauteed vegetables, stir fry, pan-seared meats and so much more. A griddle is like having a big skillet built into your range. Are you going to use it? Maybe more often than you think. The downside is cleaning. I tend to like the chromium infused griddles best for low maintenance.
Key Features:

Dual-Stacked PowerBurners
  • Two stacked, symmetrical flames bloom and retreat at your inclination, offering total control over heat levels. High-heat searing and wok cooking. Low, slow simmer and melt. Infinite intermediate settings satisfy every appetite.

Chrome-Infused Griddle
  • Cast off porous, superficially plated options. Go deeper. Infused with chrome, our griddle cleans up well after heavy usage.

JennAir® Culinary Center
  • With step-by-step support, savor the full culinary experience backed by customized algorithms, featuring full-color food photography, doneness levels, pan types, and menu-specific tips.

Why consider a grill?
If you live in a cold or seasonal climate, shoveling snow off the grill to cook steak in the winter is a cumbersome task. Getting a professional range with a built-in grill is a great alternative. The downside is cleaning, smoke, and lack of versatility. The grill is not as versatile as the griddle, yet if you’re a grilling enthusiast could make your winter months a little more comfortable. Also, make sure to have ample ventilation above your range to eliminate smoke and grease from your kitchen. There are different opinions on this, but I prefer a range with a gas-powered grill rather than an electric grill as the cooking experience feels more authentic.
Key Features:

Dual Stacked Burners
  • 4 dual-stacked burners plus 16,000 Btu infrared charbroiler

Temperature Probe
  • Temperature probe lets you know when it's done

Red Knobs
  • Red, black or stainless steel control knobs and a cobalt blue dual convection fan oven
I also like the Bluestar platinum series interchangeable griddle charbroiler because it’s removable for cleaning. You can also replace this griddle/ charbroiler assembly with burners, which is unusual.

Key Features:

Interchangeable Griddle Charbroiler
  • Cast-iron interchangeable griddle charbroiler system allows for dual zone cooking with up to 40,000 BTUs of heat on four unique surfaces.

New PowR Oven
  • New PowR Oven provides 40% faster preheating and 30% increase in oven efficiency.

1,850° Infrared Broiler

What else is trending?

In addition to griddle or grill configurations, we’re beginning to see pro ranges with induction, sous vide, and wok cooking. Although most brands have a grill or griddle option, the newer surfaces are just beginning to trend.