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Introducing Viking Columns with Bluezone Technology

Refrigerator columns are all-refrigerator and all-freezer towers that can be installed side-by-side or separately. They are a top choice for high-end kitchen renovations because you can customize how much space you want to allocate toward fresh and frozen food.

Viking is a luxury appliance brand owned by the Middleby Corporation. Viking was originally known for manufacturing powerful ranges. Viking’s new column refrigerators were designed with many of the most sought-after features and color customization.


Viking is known for its professional ranges that come in cool colors. Now you can match your custom color professional range with Apple Red or Cobalt Blue refrigerator columns. These columns are also built with other top design attributes in mind.

Viking VRI7240W 24’’ Refrigerator Column with Bluezone™ Technology


  • Available in Stainless Steel (SS), Black (BK), White (WH), Apple Red (AR), Burgundy (BU), Cobalt Blue (CB), Graphite Gray (GG), or cabinet panel-ready
  • Order as right or left mounted hinge
  • Proprietary Fully Articulating Hinge has three-dimensional adjustability for a perfect fit in integrated installations, and the hinge damper allows for smoothness when opening and closing door
  • Capacitive Touch Controls with an intuitive user interface.
  • Brilliant Led Lighting ensures all items are in clear view with bright, energy-efficient, ramp-on theater LED lighting from top and sidewalls
  • The compressor is now located on the bottom allowing for full integration of the product

Food Preservation

At the end of the day, refrigerators are supposed to keep your food fresh. Viking incorporated many of the latest cooling technologies into their new columns:

Viking VRI7240W 24’’ Refrigerator Column with Bluezone™ Technology


  • EXCLUSIVE Bluezone™ Fresh Preservation Technology is a unique, patented air cleaning technology that strips microbes, ethylene gas, hydrocarbons, and odors from the air. Significantly extends food shelf life, quality, and flavor slows ripening, reduces mold, and eliminates odors.
  • Bluezone™ Fresh Preservation Technology is a commercial technology now for residential use.
  • The patented Bluezone blub will last about 12 months which is about 8,000 hours of use and an indicator light will appear when it is

time to replace.

  • Variable-Speed High-Efficiency Overdrive™ Compressor quickly chills food and saves energy
  • One of the quietest, most technologically advanced compressors available with electronic controls
  • Maintains temperature to within 1ºF to keep food fresher longer

Refrigerator Organization

When shopping for a new refrigerator it’s important to make sure the layout works for you. Make sure to take a look at the depth of the shelves, adjustability door storage, and crisper bins. Viking refrigerator columns will come equipped with an internal water dispenser for added convenience.

Viking VRI7240W 24’’ Refrigerator Column with Bluezone™ Technology


  • Three separate crisper drawers offer a dedicated area for produce/meat
  • Spillproof Plus™ Shelves with Nano technology create an invisible barrier to contain spills
  • Seamless glass shelves make cleanup easy and maximize usable space
  • 3/8" thick tempered glass shelves provide industry-leading durability
  • Feather Touch™ Internal Water Dispenser dispenses filtered water with a single touch
viking column 5.jpg

Additional Freezer Features

Nearly 99% of the time, your refrigerator choice will drive your freezer choice. All of the design attributes are also true for the freezer. In addition to the internal water dispenser in the refrigerator, the freezer has an automatic ice maker with filtered ice.

Viking VFI7240WLSS Freezer Column with Icemaker


  • Ice maker uses filtered water for fresh ice.
  • Separate removable ice bucket with handle

Final Thoughts

Since Viking is a luxury appliance brand it makes sense that their robust refrigerator lineup includes column all refrigerators and all freezers. Columns are the most popular type of high-end refrigerator. Although Viking is starting off with a limited collection of sizes, I’m willing to bet they will increase their column size offerings in the future.