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Highlights from the Samsung Chef Collection

AJ Madison now carries the Samsung Chef Collection - A premium line of Samsung appliances
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The Samsung Chef Collection is Samsung’s premium line of home appliances. This collection of appliances is attractive, tech-forward, and is one of the few brands on the market that bridges the divide between the commodity and luxury markets.

You can now order Samsung Chef Collection appliances on our website. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite appliances from this collection.

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42’’ BRF425200 Built-in 4-Door Refrigerator

Check out this sleek 4-door design. This refrigerator comes cabinet panel-ready so you can match your refrigerator to your cabinets. If you prefer the stainless or black stainless look, the Samsung Chef Collection offers traditional stainless or black stainless panel accessory kits.

My favorite feature of this refrigerator is the Flex Zone™. The lower right-hand section of the refrigerator is convertible from refrigerator to freezer so you can adjust the temperature based on your storage needs.



  • FlexZone™ is a convertible zone that has 4 different temperature settings, allowing you to easily switch from freezer to refrigerator.

Twin Cooling Plus®

  • Maintains high levels of refrigerator humidity to keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer, as well as dry freezer conditions to minimize freezer burn.
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Remote View Camera

  • Wi-Fi enabled, with remote view cameras. It allows you to view what's inside your refrigerator directly from your mobile device.

Internal Dispenser

  • Internal filtered water dispenser for easy access and fresh tasting water whenever you want it.
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36’’ Dual Fuel Range NX36R9966X

The Samsung Chef Collection includes a 36’’ professional-style dual fuel range which is a relatively affordable alternative to many of the competitors pro dual fuel range options. This range has Wifi-enabled smart technology, soft close door, a high-power burner, and dual convection fans for even baking.


Remote Diagnostics

  • No longer will you have to wait days for a service technician to diagnose an appliance issue. Remote Diagnostics allows certified technicians to access your appliance and start troubleshooting immediately.

Blue LED Illuminated Knobs

  • Blue LED Illuminated Knobs visually let you know if your cooktop is on. Distinctive blue light can be seen from a distance.

22K BTU True Dual Power Burner

  • Provides the most powerful and precise heating available. The powerful and flexible burner offers two independent heating elements with power ranging from high heat of 22,000 BTU to a true simmer of 900 BTU.
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Dual Convection

  • Distributes heat throughout the oven for faster and more even cooking. Saves up to 30% more time than traditional conventional ovens.
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30’’ Combination Wall Oven NQ70M9770XX with Microwave, Speed Cooking, and Steam

Combination wall ovens have been really popular for the last several years. Getting an appliance that looks like a double wall oven, yet incorporates a microwave is a great way to save space and money. Moreover, the Samsung Chef Collection combination oven adds speed cooking and steam cooking technologies for added versatility.


Flex Duo

  • Cooks two dishes at different temperatures simultaneously with the Smart Divider.

Wi-Fi Enabled Temperature Probe

  • Allows you to closely monitor the progress of your dish right from your smart phone.

Steam Cook

  • Delivers moisture throughout the oven at precise times for a crisp, browned outside, and tender inside.

Speed Cook

  • Cook food faster and more evenly by using the microwave's Power Convection feature.
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The Samsung Chef Collection also includes gas and induction cooktops, freestanding refrigeration, ventilation, and a panel-ready dishwasher. Overall the Samsung Chef Collection has a robust product lineup, clean design, and the latest cooking technology.