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Highlights from the Kips Bay Show House 2019

The Kips Bay designer showhouse is an opportunity for design professionals to showcase their expertise for a great cause. This year 23 design firms reimagined 22 rooms in a Georgian style townhouse at 36-38 East 74th Street on New York’s Upper East Side. Proceeds from the showhouse benefit the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club to support after-school enrichment programs for New York City children. If you love home transformation projects and want to support a great organization, this is a must-see event! This year’s New York showhouse is five stories of stellar design.

Kips Bay Designer Show House 2019 Art Studio Thermador

This year we were delighted to contribute appliances to the showhouse. After exploring the space I had the inside scoop on how this amazing project comes together. Each designer is asked to complete a separate area in the house. The design professional is responsible for drafting a design, sourcing all materials, and completing construction in less than six weeks! It’s so amazing to see these designers come together to craft an incredible space in such a short amount of time.

Appliances were featured in three areas of the home, let’s take a look!

The kitchen featuring Christopher Peacock and Monogram Appliances

Kips Bay Showhouse 2019  Monogram Kitchen

I had the opportunity to speak with Christopher about creating the kitchen as well as his experience as a trustee and board member of the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club.

“The kitchen is typically a large project relative to the other rooms. This particular house was a challenge. The kitchen was small compared to the rest of the house. Historically, in these grand homes, kitchens were not places for show, they were practical areas for cooking and staff. From the get-go, I had to make this kitchen function properly for a modern-day homeowner”

So who is the modern day homeowner in this space? Certainly, a culinary enthusiast who values function and elegance. Completely integrated refrigerators and dishwasher help the appliances blend seamlessly into the cabinetry.

Kips Bay Designer Show House 2019

A professional-style range serves as a focal point paired with a custom English Flint Veneer backsplash and custom walnut rangehood. The cabinets feature specialty inserts for spices, knives, or even Nespresso coffee pods.

Kips Bay Designer Show House Monogram Kitchen 2019

“At our end of the market, people want customization. Accommodating requests and tailoring the design to the client’s specific needs is what we do best. Creating a space that is truly bespoke and custom for every customer.”

“With a show house, there's a pressure to do something over the top and to push the boundaries. I didn't want to bow to that too much. In this case, I wanted something that fit the space but was also really current. A handsome kitchen for a handsome house. Of course, we want people to be wowed, but we also want people to relate to it. Perhaps they could envision the kitchen in their own home.”

Kips Bay Showhouse 2019 Monogram Kitchen

“The first time I was invited to particpiate was twenty years ago when I was asked to do a kitchen for the show, and subsequently I have done seven more. The connection between the design world and the charity is so huge on so many levels, and I'm honored to be part of the organization.”

Learn more about Christopher Peacock
Interested in Monogram appliances? Check them out on our website

The living room featuring J Cohler Mason Design and True Refrigeration

Kips Bay Show House Living Room 2019 True

I had the opportunity to meet Jennifer and speak to her about creating this living space as a first-time contributor to the Kips Bay designer showhouse.

“We wanted to create a comfortable and livable sitting room, a lounge-like space. We imagined this space for a New York City couple who are big art collectors and love to entertain”
Appliances aren’t just meant for the kitchen. The bar area was outfitted with True Refrigeration wine storage and a dual-tap beverage dispenser.

Kips Bay Designer Show House Living Room 2019 True

The design elements featured a balanced collection of fixtures and textures. The jewel-toned pillows and couch created a fun pop of color. Overall the space was beautifully curated yet livable. I asked Jennifer about her favorite design element. “It’s so difficult to choose just one, it would be like choosing a ‘favorite child’. Each of the elements speaks to each other, on their own they would not shine as they do when pulled together in the room”.

Jennifer and I then went over to the True wine storage refrigerator and we toggled through the fourteen interior light color options. True makes it possible to customize the interior lighting to compliment the tones in any design.

A dual zone wine refrigerator is a staple in many wet bars and entertainment spaces. “We love the idea of incorporating a dual tap beverage dispenser, it’s a great conversation piece and a fun addition to any bar.”

Kips Bay Designer Show House 2019 Living Room True Beverage Dispenser

“The Kips Bay Designer Showhouse is a great way for the design community to give back and we were happy to be able to give our time and resources towards helping the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. Not only is it a great opportunity to give back to the community but it also gives our firm a lot more exposure than we would normally have. We like being able to share the process with the outside. AJ Madison has been a delight to work with, they have only been too happy to get us the information and appliances we needed to help complete our space.”
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Interested in True appliances? Check them out on our website

Yung Huh LLC

Kips Bay Designer Show House 2019 Thermador

Tucked in the home’s top floor is Young Huh’s “Young at Art” room. After climbing five stories, this room is a welcome burst of color and light. A space for a female bohemian artist and world traveler. What a great setting for an artist’s studio!

The expansive room is equipped with all of the creative necessities. The space is also home to a farmhouse-style sink for cleaning brushes, a built-in Thermador coffee machine, and a dual-zone Thermador wine storage refrigerator. A silk robe and slippers add a comfortable touch.

Kips Bay Designer Show House 2019 Thermador

A few of the rooms throughout the home paid homage to life as a modern woman. As Young explained, the room is an “ode to the female artist and the kind of space where she’s celebrated and has the means to express herself”.

Fittingly, the home’s original inhabitants used to give their daughters art lessons in this same space. Young’s design was a tasteful blend of old and modern artistry.

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