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Five Tips for Creating a Stunning Modern Bathroom

As the cold-weather months loom forebodingly on the horizon, home improvement and design upgrade projects tend to shift from outdoor updates to indoor projects. There is no better place to start than the bathroom. Bathrooms are generally much smaller than, say, a kitchen, living room or bedroom, which means you may be able to complete a lot of the work yourself and shouldn’t have to spend a ton of money on furnishings. That said, by updating and replacing specific fixtures, accessories and décor items in your bathroom, you can easily transform the space into a modern, welcoming retreat. Let’s look at five tips for creating the ultimate modern bathroom.

New vanity:
Since bathrooms are generally tight on space, you’ll have to narrow down your search to includes vanities that naturally fit in the bathroom. Keep an eye on all dimensions - height, width and length, and then look to see if any doors or drawers on the new vanity will cause interference issues with surrounding furniture or doors. A vanity with concealed storage will keep the bathroom looking tidy, while soft, solid colors or subtle wood grain patterns will enhance the modern theme.

Updated sink and faucet:
Still looking down at that brown swirled-marble sink every morning? Since you’re considering an upgrade to your bathroom vanity, look at today’s assortment of stunning contemporary sinks - including textured glass, copper-like materials, vitreous china, and more. Whether you opt for an undermount sink, a pedestal sink for tight spaces, or a vessel sink to create the ultimate statement, a new bathroom sink can help you create an amazing look at an affordable price. While you’re at it, replace the faucet with a modern-look unit in a satin nickel finish, tumbled bronze, oil rubbed-hue, or other contemporary sheen.


Centerpiece bathtub:
A bathtub might seem like an extravagance (after all, a shower does technically suffice), but there are times in life when a warm bath is just the answer to a tough day at work or a stressful week at home. Plus, keeping little ones clean is much easier in a bathtub than a shower! To update the look and feel of your bathroom, consider swapping out your shapeless “builder special” or overdue-for-replacement bathtub with a freestanding tub or modern clawfoot tub. Depending on your space, you can install a rectangular or oval design, a unique slipper style, or round freestanding tub - then watch as the new piece acts as the visual anchor point for the entire room. It’ll look as wonderful as it performs.

Floor tile and wallcoverings:
This one is definitely a matter of personal taste, but there are numerous options available today to help you create a modern look that offers serious durability and a stunning presentation. For flooring, consider new, water-resistant laminate flooring, marble tile, or even patterned vinyl. Walls can be covered with contemporary peel and stick mosaic tiles for ease of installation, or modern ceramic tiles in a sleek gray or silver tone. Installing 3D wavy wall tiles can create an edgy and trendy look, while adding a touch of visual interest to what is normally a pretty sedate part of the home. Stay away from dark colors in the bathroom - especially when it comes to paint and tile, as you want the room to appear as bright, large and airy as possible. And remember, with modern bathrooms it is all about a matte finish on flooring, wallcoverings and fixtures.

New lighting:
Illumination is one of the biggest areas of opportunity for most standard bathrooms. Walk into ten homes and you’ll likely find the ubiquitous strip of exposed bulb vanity lights above the master sink in nine of these residences. Consider removing these cheap and archaic light fixtures with something a bit more elegant, subtle and pleasing to the eye, like pendant lights, recessed can lights, or globe lights hung from an elegant drop bar. You’ll likely have to hire an electrician to make the swap, but trust us - it’ll be worth it!If you’re ready to convert your existing bathroom from a ho-hum space into a modern masterpiece, make sure you look at the vanity, sink, faucet, flooring, wall coverings and lights first. Then, create a plan and have fun transforming your bathroom into a serene, modern oasis in the middle of your home.