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Cooking with Bluestar & a Nantucket Chef's Cottage Transformation

An exclusive interview with Kaity Farell, photographer, recipe developer, food stylist, and private chef.

Summer is finally here, and there’s no better time to share one of our favorite projects on Nantucket island off the coast of Cape Cod. Kaity Farrell is a photographer, recipe developer, food stylist, and private chef. If you use Instagram, follow Kaity’s page featuring beautiful photography and recipe inspiration. I seriously can’t wait to try and make the Spring Vegan Risotto or the Vegan Rhubarb Curd Bars!

I had the opportunity to speak with Kaity a few weeks ago following the completion of her project. Kaity and her partner purchased a cottage last year. Over the next several weeks Kaity and her family lived through most of the construction. Our conversation began talking about life as a Nantucket local.

“It's a beautiful place, and I love nature. We have these gorgeous beaches, walking trails are really nice, there's a lot of protected land, there are hundreds and hundreds of acres” Kaity continues, “the local community is awesome, and there’s a lot of artistic influence, entrepreneurs, self-starters.”


Like many New England coastal communities, during the warm weather months, there is a seasonal influx of visitors and part-time residents. I asked Kaity to speak to her experience as a year-round resident. “In the summer, people complain about the traffic but the visitors make the economy function… A lot of people ask what do you do in the winter? Not that I love the cold and the wind, but it's really peaceful and you can walk the beaches and there's nobody on them…I'm an introvert so I like the quiet and the peacefulness.”

What brought you to Nantucket? “I’m from Connecticut originally but moved to Nantucket with my partner after college. We worked seasonally for the first few years. We are both private chefs, mainly for summer clients that visit the island.” Kaity and her partner then decided to relocate to the island.

How did you find your home? “There’s a housing issue for people who live on the island year-round. We have been looking for years.” With patience came the perfect opportunity. Kaity continued “We found this home last spring, the property was very private, set back from the road with ample fruit trees and space for a garden to grow fresh herbs and edible flowers.”


Can you walk me through the scope of your project? “We took last November to gut the kitchen and started building cabinets and countertops. The tiling we did ourselves. My partner made the countertops. We’re creative, so we made it work! Enlisting help on the island can be challenging so it’s important to have good relationships. We had a friend build out the right side of the counter and make drawers [for extra storage]. We were super excited about Buestar wanting to partner on our project! Overall, everything went smoothly.”

As you can see the kitchen has some elements of New England coastal style mixed with an eclectic mix of color and finishes. “My style is a mix of things. Cottagey with a bohemian feel.” The Bluestar range and backsplash serve as the room’s focal point.


What do you love most about your new range? Bluestar makes a great range for a chef. “The burner is powerful. It’s the most powerful stove that we’ve cooked on. As private chefs, we have cooked on a ton of different brands. I like that there are different size burners.” Kaity goes on to describe the oven. “The broiler is beyond anything I have ever seen! Perfect results in less than 30 seconds! It’s something to get used to, but I’m not complaining! It’s fast. I like that the range doesn’t have any digital [controls]. A simple oven thermometer has been on-point.”

The custom color is so fun! How did you decide? “It was hard because, on the site, there isn't a real picture of the oven in every color. I wasn't sure exactly what it was going to look like. [However] Bluestar sent 2 metal swatches to give me a much better idea of the color.” Kaity completed her research. “I looked at a few designers’ inspiration photos on Instagram. I loved the Piegon Blue paired with Copper knobs and handle.”

How did you discover AJ Madison? “I was intrigued by the huge selection. [I reached out to] the AJ Madison team and they were receptive to collaborating on my project. Everything went smoothly!”


For more design inspiration, and delicious recipes check out Kaity’s website: