What Makes Bosch Dishwashers the Best?

The J.D. Power 2015 Kitchen Appliance Study ranked Bosch "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Dishwashers,” and it’s not hard to see why.

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Bosch has been producing some of the best European dishwashers on the market for years. In several ways, Bosch exemplifies what we mean when we talk about “European” dishwashing technology.

European dishwashers share a few common traits: Quiet operation, design flexibility, and a capacity greater than that of most American dishwashers.

Let’s take a look at how Bosch delivers on these three major promises of European dishwashing innovation.

1. Quiet Dishwasher

European dishwashers do not utilize hard food disposers as most American manufactured dishwashers do. This allows companies like Bosch to produce quieter products.

Bosch offers dishwashers with noise levels as low as 42 dBA—a noise level that was nearly unheard of only years ago! Bosch is an industry leader in producing quiet dishwashers. In fact, they are the quietest dishwasher brand in the United States.

Bosch hasn’t sacrificed wash performance for quiet operation. They’ve not lost any of their cleaning power as they’ve gotten quieter. Bosch dishwashers still come equipped with NSF-certified sanitize cycles that eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, and other features like load size-sensing technology to deliver the perfect wash.

2. Design Flexibility

Homeowners take pride in a good-looking kitchen and demand design flexibility. That’s why Bosch offers a diverse selection of counter depth and panel-ready designs for a flush, “integrated” kitchen. Bosch dishwashers can rest perfectly flush with your cabinet.

Their recessed handle models allow for a flush front with front-visible controls. Pocket handle models allow for a flush front while concealing the control panel, so the dishwasher can blend in perfectly with other kitchen appliances even if they’re from different brands.

For an all-Bosch-equipped kitchen, bar-handled Bosch appliances complement each other exquisitely. And of course, panel-ready models can be completely concealed behind custom paneling.

3. Capacity

Bosch has increased the load capacity of their dishwashers with the introduction of innovative new rack features. Bosch’s RackMatic® rack system allows you to adjust the height of your top rack in just one step, even when loaded. Three different heights allow for up to nine different rack positions. And with an upgrade to a three-rack model dishwasher, you get 30% more space.

4. Price

It’s no surprise that our top 5 best-selling Bosch dishwashers share all these things in common: They’re quiet, they’re flexible and they provide the highest place setting capacity of any European washers being manufactured.

There’s no reason not to have a spacious, outstandingly quiet dishwasher with design flexibility for under $900. Bosch offers a diverse selection of high-performance home dishwashers that lead the way in European innovation.