Is a Built-in Grill or Griddle Worth It?

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If you’re thinking about buying a professional-style range you’re either building a new kitchen or replacing your existing range. If you have never before owned a pro range get excited because you’re going to love it! In this article, I’m going to talk about the top things you should consider when buying a new pro range. Specifically, is a built-in grill or griddle worth it?

Is a grill or griddle worth it?

Professional ranges come in a wide variety of configurations. All burners are the least expensive and the most popular configuration. Yet some pro ranges come with a built-in surface such as a grill or griddle.

You might have to choose a grill, griddle, or both

Some ranges (especially in the larger sizes) don’t have an all burner option and therefore you need to select a configuration. Burners with either a grill or griddle are the most popular.

Some ranges come with both a grill and griddle, keep in mind this typically takes up more burner real estate so I only recommend opting for both on a very large pro range.

Why consider a griddle?

Breakfast foods, sauteed vegetables, stir fry, pan-seared meats and so much more. A griddle is like having a big skillet built into your range. Are you going to use it? Maybe more often than you think. The downside is cleaning. I tend to like the chromium-infused griddles best for low maintenance.

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Why consider a grill?

If you live in a cold or seasonal climate, shoveling snow off the grill to cook steak in the winter is a cumbersome task. Getting a professional range with a built-in grill is a great alternative. The downside is cleaning, smoke, and lack of versatility. The grill is not as versatile as the griddle, yet if you’re a grilling enthusiast could make your winter months a little more comfortable. Also, make sure to have ample ventilation above your range to eliminate smoke and grease from your kitchen. There are different opinions on this, but I prefer a range with a gas-powered grill rather than an electric grill as the cooking experience feels more authentic.

What else is trending?

In addition to griddle or grill configurations, we’re beginning to see pro ranges with induction, sous vide, and wok cooking. Although most brands have a grill or griddle option, the newer surfaces are just beginning to trend.