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Bosch Smart Appliances with Home Connect

Bosch smart appliances are connected to a platform known as Home Connect ™. This platform is opensource and Bosch appliances can be integrated seamlessly with many leading smart home automation systems.

The Home Connect app is easy to use. It allows you to remotely monitor and control your Bosch smart appliances from your smartphone or tablet. You can control the temperature, run a cycle, adjust lighting, or even run service diagnostics. You can try it out before you buy new appliances. Simply download the Home Connect app to your smart device and select demo mode.

Bosch smart appliances with Home Connect are easy to use and will give you added peace of mind. In addition to controlling your appliances, you will have access to a new range of features and services that you can customize to meet your needs. These include how-to cooking videos, voice control for your appliances, automatic ordering, and access to several other partner applications.

Bosch is the first affordable luxury brand to offer a freestanding refrigerator with two compressors and two evaporators. A two-compressor, two-evaporator refrigeration system is best for longer-term food storage. This system ensures that air is never transferred between the refrigerator and freezer sections. It also means that moisture and air temperature are maintained at a consistent level.

Why is this so exciting? Until now, this type of refrigeration system was only available in luxury integrated refrigerator models. Bosch’s freestanding counter depth smart refrigerators are on average 60% less expensive than the luxury refrigerators with two compressors and two evaporators. So if you’re looking for a freestanding refrigerator designed for food freshness, this Bosch refrigerator should be at the top of your list.

Key Features:

Home Connect™

  • Remotely control and monitor your appliance to efficiently manage your day


  • Automatically balance BOTH temperature and humidity

Dual Compressors and Evaporators

  • Precise cooling and humidity control, while reducing odor transfer


  • Absorbs naturally occurring ethylene to slow ripening

Year after year, Bosch dishwashers are a top choice among consumers. This is because they are reasonably priced, are quiet, and will clean your dishes.

Bosch dishwashers are smarter than ever. You can operate your connected dishwasher using your smart device or speaker. You can also set your smart dishwasher to automatically order more detergent.

Another exciting feature is the new drying system. Bosch dishwashers use condensation to dry the dishes. Bosch innovated a natural way to get dishes 60% dryer than their traditional condensation method, even on plastics. When wet, CrystalDry Zeolite rocks get extremely hot, naturally drying your dishes with no added chemicals.

Key Features:

Home Connect™

  • Access your dishwasher via a smartphone or tablet, receive notifications once the cycle of your dishwasher is complete or when it begins to run low on detergent tabs, or if there is ever a leakage that happens


  • Transforms moisture into heat to get dishes, including plastics, 60% drier


  • Intelligent sensors continually scan and check the progress of dishes throughout the cycle, and powerful, precision spray arms go to work targeting every item of every load

Built-in coffee makers are an amazing addition to your kitchen or entertaining space. If you appreciate a high-quality cup of coffee, expresso, latte, or even tea, you will love having a Bosch built-in coffee maker in your home. Bosch makes one of the only smart built-in coffee makers on the market, and there are tremendous benefits.

The Home Connect app lets you order coffee on the go using your smartphone. So now it’s easier than ever to start your mornings off right. When your coffee is ready, your coffee machine will alert you in the app.

With CoffeeWorld you can peruse different brew variations from around the globe. Save your favorite coffee and tea beverages for you and all your family members.

Key Features:

Home Connect App

  • The Bosch Home Connect App is a remote control, product manual, shopping assistant, and repair technician all in one. Simply download to your smart device to enjoy greater convenience across all your Bosch appliances.

Personalized Beverages

  • You can store up to eight different beverages for quick and easy preparation of your favorite beverages.

14 Modes

  • Within Minutes, you can prepare Espressos, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Macchiato & More. You can prepare your favorite coffee drink like a professional barista with a simple touch of a button.

Bosch wall ovens are good looking, easy to use, and come ready with many of the latest features like True European Convection, fast preheat, and self-cleaning. This combo wall oven attaches to a speed oven which can function as a smaller auxiliary oven or microwave. Browse hundreds of recipes from Home Connects guided cooking partner apps like Innit or Drop. These guided cooking apps will walk you step-by-step through new recipes that everyone will love.

Key Features:

Home Connect™

  • Check the cooking status, prepare foods, and send recipes straight to your oven with Home Connect app for your smartphone or tablet. *Lower wall oven only.

3D HotAir Technology

  • Distributes heat quickly and evenly throughout the lower oven, making it possible to cook on up to three levels simultaneously.

Nine SpeedChef® Programs

  • Simplify cooking for great results every time.

Induction is a top choice for ranges and cooktops. Induction is known for being the fastest cooking surface. It’s also safe, easy to keep clean, and energy efficient.

Bosch smart induction cooktops give you the ability to turn off your cooktop remotely for added peace of mind. You can also browse recipes and enjoy step-by-step guided cooking.

This Bosch Benchmark smart cooktop comes equipped with a large center burner and two FlexInduction ® zones on the sides. The FlexInduction zones are great for large griddle pans, skillets, or can each hold two smaller pans. The new PowerMove™ feature will automatically adjust the power level on the cooktop as you slide the pan across the FlexInduction zones. This feature is great for foods that require multiple temperature settings like rice, risotto, or even soups.

Key Features:

Home Connect™

  • The Bosch Home Connect App is a remote control, product manual, shopping assistant, and repair technician all in one. Simply download to your smart device to enjoy greater convenience across all your Bosch appliances.

5 Induction Elements

  • Induction cooking directly heats your pots and pans instead of the cooktop itself for faster, more efficient cooking so you have a cooktop that delivers precise results with effortless ease.


  • Provides more flexibility by combining two cooking zones into one larger zone; Place your cookware wherever you want on the flexible cooking zone.


  • Divides your FlexInduction® combined cooking zone into 3 preset power level zones. Simply move the cookware to change the power level.

Bosch smart range hoods enable you to control your Wi-Fi synced Bosch cooktop and hood in tandem. Program your hood to automatically start the fan when you start cooking. You can customize the hood’s light setting, shutoff timer, or change the fan speed from your smart device or speaker.

Optional push notifications alert you to when it is time to clean your grease filter or change the charcoal filter for recirculating models. Connecting your hood to your smart speaker will enable hands free operation of your hood for added convenience.

Key Features:

Home Connect

  • Allows you to remotely monitor and control your Bosch appliances from your smartphone or tablet for greater convenience.

Amazon Alexa

  • Control compatible smart appliances with Amazon Alexa. Simply speak your commands and Alexa will do the work for you.

Dishwasher Safe Aluminum Mesh Filters

  • Make cleaning and maintenance easy. The dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh filters efficiently filter grease and other solid particles out of the extracted air.

Bosch also makes a smart washer dryer set. This set can be installed a number of different ways. Side-by-side under counter, stackable, or even side-by-side on matching pedestal drawers, there are many possibilities.

HomeConnect gives you the ability to control or monitor your washing machine and dryer from your smart device or speaker. Choose from 14 wash cycles to best clean your clothes. The Bosch 800 series smart condensation dryer uses warm air to gently dry your clothes. It’s also Energy Star rated.

Key Features:

Home Connect

  • The Bosch Home Connect App is a remote control, product manual, shopping assistant, and repair technician all in one. Simply download to your smart device to enjoy greater convenience across all your Bosch appliances.


  • Provides up to 40% faster washing time.

AquaStop® Plus

  • Leak protection that combines the AquaStop® Base and AquaStop® Hose.