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Introducing Bosch Dishwashers with Crystal Dry

For over a decade Bosch dishwashers have been a top choice among shoppers. There’s a good reason for it, Bosch dishwashers come in a variety of colors, styles, and prices. Bosch dishwashers are quiet, install flush against your cabinetry, and do a good job cleaning dishes.

There are many other features that users love. Most Bosch dishwashers are extremely quiet, the majority of models falling between 44 dba and 42 dba with a few options as low as 38 dba. They are so quiet that you need to check a light that shines on the floor to tell you the cycle is running.

In addition to quiet operation, users find extra capacity loading utensils on a top rack. With a gliding bottom rack, adjustable upper rack, and extra space on the top.

Bosch dishwashers are also a design-friendly choice. Hidden control Bosch dishwashers don't have any labels on the front so you can match them with any kitchen appliance package. You can even opt for a panel ready dishwasher to blend seamlessly with your cabinets.
If you bought a dishwasher in the last 10 years you probably don’t like the way it dries. That is because energy regulations on appliances are tighter than ever before.

The first thing that manufacturers cut back on was the amount of energy used in the drying cycle. To get around this, every brand recommends that you add rinse aid, this special liquid helps water evaporate off your dishes. Even with rinse aid, drying performance may vary by dish type, especially plastics.
We are especially excited about Bosch’s new dishwasher lineup because of the brand’s new drying technology. New Bosch 800 series and Bosch Benchmark series dishwashers have Crystal Dry™, a natural rock that causes water to evaporate when hot.

Bosch’s new Crystal Dry™ technology is a new all-natural way of drying dishes, with no chemicals, and energy-efficient, and has tested up to 60% better-drying performance even on plastics. The drying performance of Bosch dishwashers is going to be above and beyond what we're used to with the new patented crystaldry technology.
Bosch 500 Series also has a new drying technology - AutoAir™ Drying. AutoAir™ drying improves Bosch’s current condensation drying technology by causing the door to pop open at the end of the cycle allowing excess moisture to escape and fresh air circulating to dry the dishes.

Luxury appliance brands like Miele have had similar technology to AutoAir™ drying for years. Now you can find an affordable dishwasher option with improved condensation drying. For best results, you still should use rinse aid with the AutoAir™ technology.
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