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Bosch Refrigerator Review (2020): New Design Options, Fresh Food, and Wi-Fi

What’s new in Bosch refrigeration?
Next month Bosch is releasing a new line of counter depth French door refrigerators. The refrigerators will come in classic stainless steel and black stainless steel. In addition to finishes, there will be a healthy selection of styles to choose from. Scroll down to learn more about the top 5 best features.

1. Bosch refrigerators look great in any kitchen

Bosch is a leading home appliance brand best known for quiet dishwashers. The entire Bosch appliance line is clean, sleek, and ready for any kitchen. Bosch makes an affordable line of attractive appliances, and they have great promotions so you can find a stylish Bosch package at a price that meets your needs and budget. Bosch appliances are a favorite because there is really something for everyone.

Pro Planning Tips:

  • Bosch (B36CT81SNS) is a pro handle refrigerator which is a cost-effective way to get a refrigerator that pairs seamlessly with Thermador pro ranges and ovens (Bosch and Thermador are sister brands)
  • Bosch (B36CL80ENS) is a recessed handle refrigerator will blend in with any kitchen appliances

2. Bosch refrigerators keep your food fresher for longer

In the past, you had to spend over $7,000 to get a refrigerator with dual compressors and dual evaporators. Today dual refrigeration is available for an affordable price! This means that your fruits and vegetables will stay fresher for longer. It also means that your ice cubes in the freezer won't taste like leftovers from your refrigerator.

More features you'll love:

  • Temperature and humidity-controlled crisper drawers, whether you are storing fruit, vegetables, meats, or cheeses, the crispers automatically set the perfect conditions to keep your food fresher for longer
  • an internal filter absorbs ethylene gas from the refrigerator that fruits and vegetables emit when they begin to spoil keeping your produce fresher for longer
  • Stainless back wall looks beautiful and evens out the temperature in the refrigerator for better food storage

3. Bosch counter depth refrigerators are built for your convenience

With the new Bosch refrigerators, you won’t have to dig deep into the depths of your bottom freezer, play a game of Tetris with your groceries or struggle to hold a large pitcher under the water dispenser. The refrigerator is optimized to fit your food and make it easy to access everything you need with minimal hassle. Be sure to check out the internal filtered water dispenser. It’s convenient, good for the environment, and tucks seamlessly into the inside of your refrigerator keeping the outside look clean and neat. Adjustable shelves and layered freezer drawers are just a few of the many features that will make food storage so much easier.

Noteworthy convenience features:

  • Adjustable interior shelving
  • Wall-to-wall internal lighting illuminates the entire interior
  • Internal filtered water dispenser
  • Layered freezer drawers for easy access
  • Automatic icemaker in the freezer
  • Large gallon door bins

4. Bosch’s new counter depth refrigerators are low maintenance

The people spoke, and the manufacturers sprung to action. Today we are seeing more smudge resistant stainless steel than ever before, and Bosch’s new line is no exception. Long gone are the days of clearing fingerprints and streaks from your stainless appliances. Bosch’s new Fresh by Design series comes in two low maintenance finishes: easy to clean stainless steel and black stainless.

5. Peace of mind with the Bosch Home Connect App

The new Bosch refrigerators will come equipped with Bosch’s comprehensive Home Connect app. Whether your kids left the refrigerator door open again, you want to temporarily cool down your refrigerator so your new groceries will
stay fresh for longer, or you’re experiencing a maintenance issue, you can be informed through your smart device. More benefits of buying a smart refrigerator:

  • remote monitoring – make sure your refrigerator is always cold and working properly, if something changes, you’ll get a notification and can take action right away
  • remote diagnostics – if you experience a service issue, you will be notified right away. You will even be able to take next steps and set up a service appointment to get the issue resolved right away.
  • remote control – not only can you monitor your refrigerator, but you can control the temperature and settings through the app.
  • voice control – control your refrigerator through your connected smart speaker

Final Thoughts
If you couldn’t tell already, we are very excited about this new Bosch Fresh by Design refrigerator collection! We love the wide variety of styles and configurations. The convenience features and adjustability optimize the 21 cubic foot capacity. Bosch also focused on keeping your foods fresher for longer. Five years ago it was rare to see a freestanding refrigerator with dual compressors and dual evaporators. It’s awesome that we are beginning to see advanced cooling technology at an affordable price.