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Black Stainless Steel Appliances Trend - The Future is Here

Black: it’s the first color that the human eye sees. Black points towards elegance and grace. Now combine the wonderful qualities of this color with your stainless steel appliances. Imagine a four-door refrigerator as it guards your healthy and nutritious foods, finished in pristine, black stainless steel—that’s an unbeatable meeting of style and performance in one unit. Match it up with your favorite furnishings and watch the magic happen.

What is Black Stainless Steel?

LG states that black stainless steel is actually stainless steel that has been covered with a "darker hue and topped with a protective coating." Black oxide is the hue that’s added to the stainless steel continuously until it obtains its shadowy shade. The result: products with the same properties of stainless steel appliances but with the bonus benefits of being scratch resistant and smudge proof.

Why Black Stainless Steel? did a survey concerning how many potential customers were drawn towards using black stainless steel appliances in their kitchens during their next remodel. Of the 6,600 people asked, more than 60 percent of them said they would purchase them. Some explained they want something different than the traditional white appliance or the cold, metallic feel of regular stainless steel. Others stated that the ease of cleaning the product is what made the decision for them.

In another poll taken by, many of the people who wanted to update their kitchens with black stainless steel appliances fell into the 24-25 year-old age range. They wanted a more modern or contemporary look to their living spaces. The trend to include this particular finish has escalated three percent from the 2016 sales. The people have spoken and they want their appliances in black stainless steel.



Appliances constructed of black stainless steel are very versatile. They’ll fit seamlessly into nearly any type of residential space. Some examples of the rooms that can be refitted are as follows:


Farmhouse Kitchen- Farmhouse kitchens offer a vintage style complete with open shelves, jumbo sinks, wooden floors and huge family tables. Many times, these kitchens stick to one color scheme coupled with wooden structures. The LG 30" Slide-In Gas Range with its five burners and grill will have its owners delighted as they cook flapjacks, fry bacon or flip burgers!
Modern Kitchen- These kitchens feature functionality expressed in simple, bold contours without any frills. The Samsung 29" Electric Double Wall Oven could easily maintain that efficient configuration while offering cutting-edge technology such as Wi-Fi connectivity to keep it in the "modern" kitchen category.
Eclectic Kitchen- Eclectic kitchens can be spartan with hardly any furniture or appliances in them to represent a variety of styles, textures and functions. The Samsung DW80J7550UG dishwasher will fit nicely into any decor. Its silent yet efficient washing of small loads of dishware, pots and pans down to a fully loaded dishwasher makes it as versatile as the people who own it.

Family Rooms

The family room is usually located in the basements of most homes. It is the area where members of the family and friends gather and celebrate being in each other’s presence. Some family rooms are equipped with sports bars or kitchenettes. Depending on how large the space is, the Samsung RF22K981SG model refrigerator will definitely fit the bill. The Wi-Fi equipped Family Hub alone makes it worth it to move the refrigerator from the kitchen to the family room.

Laundry Rooms

Traditionally, laundry rooms tend to be bland and sterile in their environments, but a little creative planning coupled with a new black stainless steel 27" front load washing machine from Samsung will take the “blah” out of the washing room! Its glossy exterior will bring a warm and distinguished appearance to this utilitarian space. If you purchase a Samsung dryer with the same stunning finish, you will help lift the status of these spaces from dull and boring to vibrant and alluring.


The trend of stainless steel appliances does not seem to be ebbing. These brilliant, silvery giants add a certain neutrality to the kitchen. However, introducing the velvety, ebony finish of black stainless steel takes them to a whole new level. This luxurious finish can also complement other colors in your rooms to create a unique personality. These are aesthetic innovations not to be missed.