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Best Ways to Reuse Appliance Boxes

If you recently purchased appliances, keep the boxes and transform them into a play time masterpiece.

It’s 2020, so you’re probably spending more time at home than usual. Box forts are a great quarantine project while you’re stuck at home this season. Before throwing out your cardboard boxes, upcycle them! Your kids will be excited for some cardbox box toy playtime. Let’s get creative!

Appliance boxes are big cardboard boxes that can be repurposed into a kid’s castle fort, a big red barn, a spaceship, or even a makeshift kid’s kitchen. Fridge box playtime will sure keep your family busy on a rainy day.

Use a big cardboard box. Appliance boxes are great as many are large enough to make kids forts. Refrigerator boxes are the largest, but stove boxes, dishwasher boxes,and oven boxes are also large. Microwave boxes make great kids costumes.