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Best Kitchen Appliances for Healthy Cooking and Refrigeration

Frigidaire Gallery Series Kitchen with Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel Appliances

Embarking on a home improvement project is a fabulous decision that will bring you happiness for years to come. You want your newly renovated space to reflect your style and your living habits. The healthy home concept covers a lot of ground, but it’s all about creating a space that enhances the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of those who live there, along with their visitors. The healthy home concept isn’t a new one - but it has become increasingly important in light of the COVID19 pandemic.

Healthy living is a priority for many clients. Healthy living can take on multiple forms, including nutrition, physical activity, inclusive design, and illness prevention. All age groups want to be healthier. For Millennials, wellness is a daily, active pursuit. This age group accounted for more than half of new mortgages in 2018, according to Bloomberg news. 69% of Gen X women and 60% of men express interest in improving their health, says Women’s Marketing research. Baby Boomers and Seniors are emerging as a prosperous market for the wellness industry, according to

The first step to leading a healthy lifestyle is to transform your surroundings to meet your family’s current and future needs. First, consider who is living in the home, your routines, activities, and lifestyle. Next, think about how you aspire to live. Do you want a better space for cooking more meals at home? Are you looking to carve out space inside your home for fitness? Are you looking to be more organized? From there, you can set a list of priorities. This article outlines the top healthy living design trends.

Our homes are move lived-in than ever before. In addition to providing shelter, our residences serve multiple functions. During the pandemic, families had to transform their homes to take on new roles. Residents had to carve out space for home offices, daycare, fitness routines, and schooling. We have no choice but to adapt to the circumstances. All this extra commotion naturally comes with clutter. A well-designed home can account for your belongings and provide more storage solutions and versatility.

Better organization leads to greater storage capacity, less stress, easier maintenance, time-savings, and a healthier environment for inhabitants. Many home renovations include kitchen upgrades. According to Houzz, eighty-eight percent of remodelers replaced some or all appliances in 2019. Pantry cabinets are the most popular kitchen cabinet upgrade, followed by a kitchen island for extra prep work and storage.

These numbers indicate that remodelers prioritize fresh and dry ingredient storage. In a post-covid remodeling world, we noticed a need for more food storage as people are taking fewer trips to the grocery store and stocking up on more items each visit. Large-capacity refrigerators and freezers were popular wishlist items for 2020 renovations.

Kitchen layouts can include special features or zones to enhance clients' health and well-being. The kitchen design must foster easy meal prep, clean-up, and socializing for people of all ages and abilities. Organized kitchens make meal preparation, clean up faster, encourage more home-cooked meals, and leave more time for healthy pursuits.

Trending Refrigerator Solutions

  • French door refrigerators offer fresh food storage at a comfortable height and provide easy visibility and access to produce crispers. This counter depth refrigerator series from Bosch was the first in its class to include dual compressors and evaporators for extra-long food storage.

    FarmFresh System™
    With four innovative freshness technologies designed to work together to keep your food fresh up to 3x longer. Enjoy less food waste, and more thoughtful design.

  • Refrigerator drawers makes zoned placement easy. Refrigerator drawers make it easy to store beverages and ingredients near where you will be using them. Consider adding refrigerator drawers in a home fitness area for waters and cold towels, or to keep salad ingredients near your prep sink, or even smoothie ingredients near where you keep your blender.

    Storage Capacity
    Stores up to (130) 12-oz. cans

  • Convertible fridge-to-freezer compartments maximize flexibility for clients who entertain frequently. This counter depth French door refrigerator from Frigidaire delivers the versatility consumers are looking for. Adjustable shelves, door bins, and a true fridge-to-freezer drawer will adapt to your fresh and frozen food storage needs.

    Custom-Flex® Temp Drawer
    Customize your storage space to fit more of your family's favorites, from yogurt to beer to frozen pizza. This middle drawer can beset anywhere from -6° to 45 °F, the widest range in temperature settings on the market.

  • Column refrigeration personalizes fresh and frozen food storage planning with the right size for each client's needs. Dacor columns have beauty and brains, satisfying the needs of design enthusiasts and home chefs. An integrated camera enables users to check the contents of their fridge on the go. So, no worries if you forgot your grocery list. These columns also have push-to-open doors for hands-free access, and a cool stainless-steel interior for additional flair.

    iQ RemoteView™ Cameras (Wi-Fi)
    Interior camera enables users to check what's in your fridge from your phone.

  • Outdoor refrigerators and freezers are great for storing beverages, sauces, condiments, burgers, hot dogs, and even ice cream in your yard, making outdoor entertaining a breeze. True refrigerators are built to withstand the elements, which makes them a high-quality addition to outdoor kitchens. The great thing about True refrigerators is they are built for indoor or outdoor use. So, use this fridge in your rec room in the winter, and bring it outside in the summer. You can also convert the shelves so the unit becomes a wine cabinet or a beverage center should your storage needs change over time.

    TrueFlex® Shelving System
    Allows convertibility to a beverage center or wine cabinet.

Families are cooking at home more than ever before. When you're social distancing at home, you can't just grab an easy meal on-the-go. Walking over to your refrigerator to inspect your groceries gives you pause to be mindful about your selection. Eating healthy takes work - but it's worth it. Support a local farmer, subscribe to a meal delivery service, or learn a new recipe on a guided cooking app.

Trending wi-fi connected appliances can teach you how to make your favorite meals with step-by-step instructions. These guided cooking features will take all the guesswork away, giving you perfect results every time.

Remodelers are seeking out appliances and features that spark joy in cooking delicious meals. People come in asking for unique products like air fry ovens, hearth-style "pizza ovens,” steam convection ovens, teppanyaki burner, and built-in coffee machines. If you're going to invest in a kitchen remodel, you might as well find products that inspire you to cook up a feast. If it takes a custom color "hot pink" range to get you cooking in your beautiful new kitchen, then you go for it!

Trending Healthy Cooking Appliances

  • Convection steam ovens are a top choice for healthy eaters, foodies, and busy families alike. The Miele MasterChef menu is easy to navigate and explore new dishes. It eliminates the guesswork out of cooking with steam.

    MasterChef Menus
    MasterChef and MasterChef Gourmet menus offer over 150 food types to cook to perfection. Select the level of doneness and browning by moving the slider to the left or right, and just let the oven work its magic.

  • LG LRGL5825D 30 Inch Freestanding Gas Smart Range

    Air fry ovens provide a healthier way to cook fried foods and appetizers. Air frying is essentially a powerful convection mode that delivers a satisfying crunch and texture with up to 80-percent less fat. Air fry ovens were first introduced as a countertop appliance, however today many stoves and ovens come with an air fry mode included so you can save counter space and still get the satisfying crunch you crave. ? Air fry is a hot feature and today you can find a wide range of air fry ovens. This freestanding range from LG is the first air fry oven with an InstaView door.

    The LG InstaView™ design lets you see inside your oven without ever opening the door-simply knock twice on the unique glass window so everyone in the family can quickly and safely keep an eye on what's cooking.

  • Sous-vide is a cooking technique that translates to “under vacuum”. Traditionally, you would vacuum seal your food and immerse it in a water bath heated to a desired temperature. The objective is to slow cook your food to a precise temperature all the way through. We are starting to see this feature make its way into cooking appliances. A sous vide oven takes the place of the traditional water bath, heating the oven temp to a precise temperature. Simply vacuum seal your food and place the food-grade vacuum bag inside the oven on sous vide mode. If you’re making a meat entrée like chicken or steak, you’ll want to take it out of the vacuum bag at the end of the cycle and quickly sear your meat on a hot pan before serving. Electrolux cooking appliances got a big refresh this year with top features like Wi-fi guided cooking, air fry mode, and steam cleaning. The sous vide cooking feature is unique and makes it easy to cook delicious meals to the perfect temperature.

    Air Sous Vide
    Precisely controlled low temperature and and proper air flow around vacuum sealed ingredients, locking in flavors and aroma.

  • Speed cook ovens make meal preparation faster for active, time-pressed families.

    Advantium Technology
    Enjoy a whole new level of cooking flexibility with a single oven that can be used in five different ways. Use it as a Convection Oven, Microwave, Toaster Oven, Warming/Proofing Oven, and Precision Cook Oven with Advantium Technology.

  • Induction cooktops or ranges also speed up the cooking process, are faster and easier to clean, and are safer for children. Frigidaire Gallery Series cooktops are both beautiful and affordable. The Auto Sizing™ Pan Detection feature automatically senses the size of your pan to only send heat to whatever small, medium, or large pan you are using.

    Safe Surface
    The Safe Surface - Induction only heats pans and the food in them, the area around the pans stays cool to the touch.