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Best Gas Cooktops for Every Budget

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Gas is the preferred cooking method by many home cooks and chefs. Gas delivers high heat and easy control. There are three kinds of gas kitchen appliances. Ranges, cooktops, and rangetops.

Gas Cooktops vs. Gas Rangetops
  • A cooktop is an appliance that is your cooking surface that drops into an opening in your countertop. A cooktop is different from a range or stove in that the oven is not attached to the cooktop. Typically the knobs and controls for a cooktop are located on the cooking surface.
  • A Rangetop is a more upscale version of a cooktop appliance. A rangetop is installed into an opening in your cabinets and counters. The control knobs are on the front face of the appliance giving you more cooking space for large pots and pans. Rangetops are usually more expensive, and they are known for high powered gas burners.
How to Buy a Gas Cooktop
Buying a gas cooktop is easy. Every brand has a slightly different layout, features, and design. Here are the top things to look for:
  • Power Burner and Simmer Burner
    Gas cooking power is measured by British Thermal Units or BTUs. Most top performing gas cooktops have a power burner of 18,000 BTU or more for quick boiling and can reduce to a low simmer. The better the cooktop, the bigger the range in temperature.
  • Safety Features
    Gas cooktops are different from electric cooktops or induction cooktops in that you are working with an open flame. Many gas cooktops have automatic electronic flame re-ignition. If the flame tapers out, gas might still be leaking into your kitchen. Burners with automatic re-ignition will re-ignite the burner as a safety precaution.

    Some gas cooktops and rangetops have a child lock feature. This is great if you have small children. If your cooktop does not have child lock, you can purchase knob protectors or simply pull the knobs off your cooktop when it's not in use.
  • Easy Cleaning
    Most cooktops have sealed burners, meaning that the material under the burners is able to contain cooking spills. Many consumers find that sealed burners are easier to keep clean. Open burner gas appliances are more like what you'd find in a restaurant. Open burners are better for getting a higher temperature, but there are more steps to keeping the burners clean.

    Some manufacturers offer dishwasher-safe cast iron cooking grates. This is because some grates have a special coating. Before putting your gas cooking grates in the dishwasher, make sure to reference the product manual. To manually clean your cooking grates, fill your sink with soapy water and dry them thoroughly.
Best Gas Cooktos and Rangetops in 2020