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5 Best Home and Kitchen Appliances of CES 2021


January is the Month of Appliance Innovation

Early January is my favorite time of year for the home appliance industry. It’s a time where manufacturers debut the latest products and innovations. At the mega tech show, CES, technology companies across all industries showcased their latest products. Take a look at our home appliance favorites.
Everyone's grocery cart looks different, so you should be able to customize a refrigerator and freezer to fit your family's needs. Enter the Bespoke collection: a series of modular all-refrigerator, all-freezer, bottom freezer, and 4-door flex refrigerators that you can mix and match depending on your needs. As a bonus, this collection comes in color! Customize your look with super chic color panels like champagne steel, navy glass, matte black steel, and sky blue glass (to name a few)!
Last year LG introduced the first smart ranges to incorporate their InstaView technology. At CES this year, we learned that LG will also add the soon-to-be popular air-sous-vide feature. Simply knock twice on the glass and the oven light will illuminate the inside. Sous-vide, the technique of slow cooking “under vacuum” is gaining popularity. Instead of the traditional water bath, ovens with Air Sous-Vide circulate air at a consistent rate and temperature around vacuum sealed food to achieve perfectly even results.
This refrigerator sports some of the appliance industry’s latest innovations in refrigeration. The InstaView refrigerator makes late-night snacking easy. Simply knock on the tinted window and the interior of the refrigerator will illuminate. Last year, LG introduced refrigerators with craft ice. Whether you’re looking to cool your water without adding a funky flavor, or appreciate a quality whiskey on the rocks, this refrigerator will deliver. The newest verseion of this refrigerator can open with a voice command. It's also comes with a mic and speaker so you can ask your refrigeartor about updates on your water filter. The water dispenser has a UV light intended to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria.
This year Bosch's new #LikeABosch campaign highlights the brand's mission to use technology to improve people's wellbeing and the planet. Bosch dsiwashers equipped with Zeolith technology that offer an energy savings of up to 20 percent. Climate change is a big motivator for this company and last year, Bosch achieved cabon-neutral status. Most Bocsh dishwashers use about 3 gallons of water per dishwasher cycle. Bosch washing machines and energy efficient ventless dryers are another eco-friendly option.

Stick vacuum cleaners have been a top choice as they are easy to use and can clean hard-to-reach places like under your bed and couch. Most stick vacuums present two problems that the new LG CordZero ThinQ vacuum solves. First, this vacuum comes with two battery packs, so you can clean twice as much space without losing charge. Secondly, this vacuum is self-emptying, so you don't get that dust cloud when you empty the vacuum canister.