What is a Warming Drawer?

Why should you consider a warming drawer?

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A warming drawer is a cooking appliance that is designed to keep your food warm. Warming drawers come in stainless, custom cabinet panels, or can be part of a range.

Cook multiple dishes and everything will come out warm together

Have you ever had to cook a meal with multiple courses, entrees, or moving parts? If so - you know it’s a challenge to get the timing right. With a warming drawer, you can store dishes for up to 3 hours without overcooking, spoiling, or drying out your meal. This way when all the dishes are ready, you don’t need to reheat the sides you made earlier in the day.

Spend more time with your guests while entertaining

Hosting doesn’t have to be stressful. Instead of spending the holidays in the kitchen, you can have everything prepared and warm in time for your guests to arrive. Relax, sit back, pour a glass of wine, and mingle with your guests. Your warming drawer can handle the rest.

Busy families with busy schedules

If you find it difficult to track down your family members for dinner, consider a warming drawer. Cold cereal isn’t a satisfying dinner after a late night. Instead, everyone can enjoy a warm dinner on their own schedule.

Great for non-cooks

Whether your routine is to buy a rotisserie chicken, pizza delivery, or Chinese takeout, your warming drawer is there to support your takeout lifestyle. Whether you’re single or manage a busy family, warming drawers are great to keep your food warm and ready to eat.

Luxurious warm towels and bathrobes

If you’re remodeling other areas of your home consider a warming drawer in your bathroom or pool house. There’s nothing quite like a warm towel or bathrobe after your morning shower on a winter morning.

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