Are Stainless Steel Appliances Going Out of Style?

After two decades, stainless steel appliances are a popular choice -- but are other finishes taking over?

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Choosing a stainless steel finish is an excellent choice if you look for durable, clean appliances with a timeless look. There are very few interior design trends that have truly stood the test of time. It is unusual for kitchen design trends to stay for a long time. It wasn't that long ago that people said that granite countertops would never go out of style. But after a quick Google search, you are bombarded with pieces saying that granite is out - it's all about quartz, marble, and wood countertops now. It's safe to say that interior design trends fluctuate pretty often.

However, there is one exception to this rule - stainless steel. Homeowners have been using stainless steel appliances and fixtures for over two decades. A design trend lasting that long is almost unheard of!

After such a long time, is stainless steel on its way out? Many of the largest and most respected appliance manufacturers are now marketing alternatives to stainless steel. For example, Samsung recently came out with "Tuscan Brass" ovens, and GE developed its "Slate" finish. Other manufacturers such as Whirlpool and Miele have also released appliances in a wide range of colors. This has caused interior designers and smaller appliance manufacturers to wonder: Could this be the end of stainless steel?

Stainless steel is not going anywhere anytime soon. If you are currently designing (or redesigning) your home, this news should come as a huge relief. Designing your dream home is no small (or inexpensive) feat. It requires months of planning and strategic decision-making. You don’t want to choose appliances that can’t endure the wear-and-tear of daily use or go out of style before your home design (or redesign) is even complete. Choosing stainless appliances resolves both of these concerns.

A Popular Alternative to Stainless Steel

Look out for more black stainless steel appliances next time you do some interior design research.

Many appliance companies, including Samsung, LG, Bosch, and Dacor, offer appliances in black stainless steel. Consumers like the black stainless steel finish because it matches many cabinet and flooring styles. It is a darker metallic finish than traditional stainless. While it is not remarkably different from traditional stainless, it is an excellent change of pace for anyone looking to mix and match their kitchen appliances for a more modern look.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Appliances

Anyone who has outfitted their home with stainless steel appliances and fixtures can attest to their many advantages. However, for those who have not yet taken the stainless steel route, it may be hard to understand the hype surrounding it, especially when stainless steel appliances tend to have a higher price point than other finishes. It’s not like stainless steel makes you cook better or cleans itself, so what is the reason behind its popularity?

Stainless Steel Appliances Go with Everything

Stainless steel appliances work with all cabinet colors and finishes. Plus, there is a wide selection of brands, products, and styles. You have a lot of freedom when outfitting your home with stainless steel appliances. Some people choose to go all stainless with stainless steel refrigerators, ranges, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers. It is easy to match a sink, faucet, cabinet hardware, and light fixtures to stainless steel appliances for a cohesive look.

Stainless Steel is Germ-Resistant

Stainless steel is non-porous, which means that it resists germs and bacteria more effectively than other surfaces like wood or plastic. For this reason, restaurants and professional kitchens have always used stainless steel appliances. When you must keep your kitchen as clean as possible, stainless steel is a wise choice.

Because stainless steel is non-porous, it is a beautiful option for a home with young children or pets. Stainless will help prevent food-borne illnesses and make the surface much easier to clean. Simply wipe down your stainless steel surfaces with a disinfectant wipe to keep your kitchen and home immaculate.

Stainless Steel Has a Long Lifespan

It isn’t called “stainless” steel for nothing! Stainless steel is virtually rust-proof, is scratch-resistant, and will not become discolored over time. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it losing its shine as the years pass by.

Your stainless-steel fridge or dishwasher will be just as shiny ten years from now as it was the day you bought it. Not only is stainless steel aesthetically durable, but it is also functionally durable. While it isn’t as strong as titanium, stainless steel is the next best thing.

While it varies by product, stainless steel typically has a 75-year lifespan.

Stainless Steel is Easy to Clean

While stainless steel does not clean itself, it is one of the easiest surfaces to keep clean because it doesn’t absorb dirt. It resists smudges, fingerprints, and scuff marks, making it very easy to maintain. On the rare occasion when you have to clean stainless steel, you can wipe it down with a damp, soft cloth. You can also protect the surface with special stainless steel cleaner polish to uphold its sleek and shiny look.

Final Thoughts

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, whether you use it solely for cooking and baking or as a gathering place to spend time with family and entertain guests. It's vital that the finish on your appliances effectively serves its purpose.