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Appliances are Smarter with the Drop Culinary App

Are you an adventurous eater but a timid chef? Check out Drop, one of the industry’s leading connected culinary assistants. Drop is an app that you connect to your new smart appliances. It takes the guesswork out of cooking with personalized step-by-step instruction so you can discover new meals and cook your favorite dishes to perfection!

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Drop’s culinary app is great for everyone. For experienced home cooks, it can take the hassle and chaos out of cooking multiple dishes at the same time. For the culinary newbie, the step-by-step recipe format is for all skill levels.

In the past cooking with a traditional recipe was difficult because every oven cooks differently. Even if you are using the same mode, the outcome can vary from brand to brand.

Connect your smart appliances to your profile, and Drop will adjust recipes instantly, according to which appliances you own. Choose a recipe, and let the app send the correct times, temperatures, and settings to your appliance at the right moment.

The user interface is quite beautiful and it’s easy to store and access your favorite recipes. I also love the ingredient substitution, recipe resizing, and the recipe discovery features. You can even control your appliances right from the Drop app, which is really useful if you are purchasing appliances from a few different brands.