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Air Conditioners
Select an air conditioner to suit your needs: Window, Wall, PTAC, Portable, Mini Splits. Shop and compare all the different models, sizes, and price ranges.
Buying A New Mini-Split Air Conditioner?
19 Min Read
As your life gets busier, it gets harder to squeeze in time for relaxation, never mind chores like cooking and doing laundry.
6 Min Read
Whether it’s for environmental concerns or to save money on the monthly electricity bill, more and more people are looking to buy efficient appliances. To meet this demand, manufacturers are striving to build highly efficient appliances for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and beyond. It may be difficult for a consumer with limited knowledge of appliances to determine what is considered energy efficient and what is not. In this post, we will explain energy efficiency in the context of appliances and talk about what consumers need to know before they make a purchase.
1 Min Read