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6 Amazing Meals You Can Make Right From Your Microwave

Microwave cooking doesn’t have to involve soggy burritos or rubbery pizza - instead, discover incredible microwave meals that you can make at home in no time!

When someone says, “microwave meal,” what comes to mind? Is it a dorm-room scene involving 20-somethings heating up an endless parade of Hot Pockets? Is it the 9-cent Ramen bowl that has become the staple of virtually every college kid on Earth? Or is it the black plastic tray meal that promises “oven-baked taste with every bite?” Regardless of what you’ve previously thought of these quick-cooking options, the following recipes will redefine what you can accomplish with the help of your trusted microwave. Here are several side dishes, main entrees, and breakfast items that you can try out to create an unforgettably amazing meal - straight from the microwave.

Risotto Cups

Risotto is incredible. It is also incredibly time-consuming because, in theory, you’re supposed to sit there stirring a pot of it for 20-30 minutes to achieve optimum results. Who has time for that? Instead, take a look at this amazing recipe for 10-minute microwave risotto. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back to the “slow stir” method again.




Yes, just about every dish is elevated through the addition of bacon. Yet bacon is one of those microwave-cooking favorites that seems to be mishandled more often than not. Follow the simple yet specific directions here for Perfect Microwave Bacon. Then, create yummy salad toppings, BLTs, and more with your plate of bacon.




Feeling like a little Mexican food tonight but don’t want to stand over the stove all night? If so, consider this microwave enchilada recipe that is as easy as it is delicious. Ready in just ten minutes and… gluten free, too! This recipe could easily take an hour or more to prepare in the oven, but the quick-cooking performance of your microwave will have dinner on the table almost immediately - which means you’ll have a lot of smiling faces at the dinner table!



2-Minute French Toast

Who says there isn’t enough time for breakfast? This 2-minute French Toast recipe proves otherwise, and rewards you with a warm, gooey, and satisfying breakfast that will keep you powered up until lunchtime. A short ingredients list and a quick cook time makes this a classic microwave dish that anyone will adore!



Microwave Mac and Cheese

Healthier than the store bought stuff and actually quicker and easier to prepare, you’ll never go back to the bright orange powder mixture again! Take a look at this Mac and Cheese recipe and then experiment yourself by substituting various types of cheese and pasta options to create your perfect bowl of warm, comforting Mac and Cheese.



Microwaved Fried Rice

Rice is normally a side dish, but fried rice is a meal in itself! This recipe features classic fried rice ingredients like bacon (you can use the bacon you already cooked in the microwave!), soy sauce, and vegetables. Microwave Fried Rice is the perfect side or main dish when you’re craving Asian food and don’t have a lot of time to cook.



Microwave cooking shouldn’t be looked at as a second-rate substitute for oven cooking - it is actually an ingenious way to prepare meals and side dishes in no time at all! For more information about microwaves that are purpose-built for cooking meals at home, contact the experts today at AJ Madison!