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Kraus Appliances

Kraus manufactures high quality cooking accessories, sinks, and faucets. The company specializes in creating unique home accessories to make the kitchen and bathroom look great, while also being more functional. Kraus has a large selection of faucets that work well in any type of bathroom or kitchen. They also make stainless steel sinks that are excellent options for those who like to cook as these sinks are spacious and work well in kitchens that are frequently used for meal preparation. Kraus also makes kitchen accessories like stainless steel colanders in various sizes that are designed to go with their sinks. The Kraus company is well known for their bathroom appliances and accessories. They make beautifully designed faucets, sinks, and other coordinating items that make the bathroom look great and function as needed. Their line of accessories includes towel rods, towel rings, and other items that all work well together.

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