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Whirlpool Duet HT
27 Inch Front Load Washer

product highlights
Stackable Tucked away in a laundry room, in the bathroom, or in a closet, a stacked washer and dryer set makes for a compact, organized look.
Stainless Steel Drum
Stainless Steel Drum This stainless steel drum offers extreme durability in hot cleaning cycles, and the smooth quality prevents clothes from snagging during the cycle.
Water Heating
Water Heating An internal water heater heats water for hi-temp and sanitize cycles, and your items will dry faster too.
Energy Star Rated
Energy Star Rated Energy Star products save energy without sacrificing on performance. They’re great for the environment, and they lower your monthly utility bills. Plus, some customers can receive tax breaks or rebates for buying Energy Star-rated appliances.
ADA Compliant
ADA Compliant The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recognizes this appliance as compliant for use in homes for those with disabilities.
quick specs
Width: 27 Inch
Depth: 31 1/2 Inch
Height: 38 Inch
Capacity: 4 Cu. Ft.
Wash Cycles: 10
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Product Information
Brand: Whirlpool
Series: Duet HT
Model: WFW9200SQ
Type: Front Load
Color: White
Stackable: Yes
Location of Controls: Front
Width: 27 Inch
Depth: 31 1/2 Inch
Height: 38 Inch
Capacity: 4 Cu. Ft.
Control Type: Digital and Knobs
Wash Cycles: 10
Steam Cycle: No
Temperature Settings: 4
Bleach Dispenser: Yes
Fabric Softener Dispenser: Yes
Stainless Steel Drum: Yes
Leveling Legs: Yes
Maximum Spin Speed (RPM): 1000
Reversible Door: No
Self Cleaning Lint Filter: No
Soak Setting: Yes
Water Heater: Yes
Technical Details
Energy Star Rated: Yes
ADA Compliant: Yes
Amps: 15
Voltage: 120 Volts
UPC: 883049040400

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From the Manufacturer

Whirlpool shares with their customers a responsibility for environmental stewardship. Whirlpool Corporation is an industry leader in developing high-performance appliances and technologies that help conserve the earth's resources and allow homeowners to use energy more efficiently. In fact, Whirlpool helped craft the guidelines for the Green Light Program, the US EPA's precursor to the Appliance ENERGY STAR Partner Program in 1996, and has been recognized as "Appliance Partner of the Year" for several years. Whirlpool Corporation had earned more than 125 International, national and state awards since 1991.

Wash 16 pairs of jeans in a single load! (Various sizes.) This front-load washer combines capacity with water and energy savings for an efficient fabric care experience. In fact, it uses less than half the water and energy, compared to conventional top-load washers. The Deep Clean wash system handles your toughest stains, even on your delicates, thanks to the Delicate/Hand Wash cycle. And with an innovative 6-point suspension system, vibration and noise are reduced so you can confidently install it on a second floor.
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31 1/2"
ENERGY STAR Qualified:  
4.0 cu. ft.
Steam Technology:  
Direct Inject Wash System:  
6th Sense Technology:  
Deep Clean Wash System:  
Innovative Suspension System with Gap Dampers:  
Stainless Steel Wash Drum:  
Built-in Heater:  
Anti-Escape Detergent Valve:  
Care Control Temperature Management:  
Number of Temperatures:  
Number of Cycles:  
Bulky Items Cycle:  
Active Wear Cycle:  
Heavy Duty Cycle:  
Woolmark Certified Wool Cycle:  
Silk Cycle:  
Quick Wash Cycle:  
NSF Certified Sanitary Cycle:  
Whitest White Cycle:  
Clean Washer Cycle:  
Delay Wash Option:  
Up to 12 Hours
Oxi Clean Steam Option:  
Deep Clean Steam Option:  
Automatic Dispensers:  
Detergent, Bleach and Fabric Softener
Cradle Clean Wash Motion:  
Maximum Spin Speed:  
Up to 1,000 RPM
Add-a-Garment Indicator:  
End-of-Cycle Signal:  
Automatic Water Levels:  
Estimated Time Remaining Display:  
Noise Reduction System:  
Quiet Wash Plus


  • The ENERGY STAR emblem signifies that the Duet washer meets the requirements set forth by the Department of Energy for cleaning efficiency.
AccuWash Temperature Control
  • Adjusts wash temperature continuously to assure wash results
  • Heats water to the necessary temperature to activate detergents
  • Helps prevent fabric shrinking and bleeding
Ultra Capacity Plus
Direct Inject Wash System
  • A stain-removing shower of concentrated detergent deep cleans large loads and delicate garments, ensuring thorough cleaning.
6th Sense Technology
  • As soon as the wash cycle is started, the washers use various sensors to determine the size of the load and precisely how much water is needed to clean it.
  • Heat sensors then monitor the temperature, and make sure water is warmed gradually to make cleaning enzymes optimally effective.
  • Suds sensors also work to prevent oversudsing in the low water wash system.
Care Control Temperature Management
  • Uses built-in sensors to monitor wash water and ensure it's warm enough to dissolve detergents and cool enough to ensure proper fabric care.
Quiet Wash Plus Noise Reduction
  • Innovative noise reducing technology brings the beauty of silence to the laundry room.
  • Choose a washer with the quiet wash package that meets your needs; Ultra Quiet Wash, Quiet Wash Plus and Quiet Wash.
  • All three packages are remarkable for what they don't do - make noise.
Adjustable End-of-Cycle Signal
Delicate Cycle
  • Select a Delicates Cycle when cleaning delicate or knit items.
  • A reduced agitation speed and low spin speed provide needed fabric care without sacrificing cleaning performance.
Stainless Steel Wash Basket
  • The interior of the washer features a stainless steel basket that resists odors, rusting, or chipping.
  • It's smooth enough to gently handle fabrics and durable enough to stay looking new.
Auto Soak & PreWash Cycles
Built-In Water Heater
10 Factory Pre-Set Cycles and Options
Hand Washables Cycle
  • The Handwashables cycle uses extra low, intermittent agitation to mimic washing in the sink for delicate care of hand wash garments.
Add-A-Garment Feature
  • The convenient Add-A-Garment light illuminates on the control panel for the first 8 minutes of the wash cycle.
  • This gives a convenient reminder that forgotten items can still be added to the load in progress and still receive the same effective cleaning.
Auto Soak Cycle
Bulky Items Cycle
  • The specially-designed cycle is ideal for cleaning bulky items like comforters, sleeping bags, down jackets or pillows, all of which fit easily into the wash basket.
4 Temperature Selections
Clean Washer Cycle
  • This special Clean Washer cycle helps keep the stainless steel basket and drum clean of detergent buildup and odor.
Quick Wash Cycle
  • A Quick Wash cycle cleans small, lightly soiled loads that are needed in a hurry.
Whitest Whites Cycle
  • Heated wash water, coupled with the accuracy of the Smart Bleach dispensing system, helps ensure loads of whites receive optimal cleaning performance.
On/Off Extra Rinse Option
5 Temperature Selections
Heavy Duty Cycle
  • A faster spin speed coupled with the Direct Inject system works to remove the toughest stains from the toughest and heaviest fabrics.
Normal/Casual Cycle
Child Lockout
Audio Feedback
Instructional Controls
Delay Wash Feature
  • A delayed wash of up to twelve hours lets laundry be done in off-peak hours, when energy savings may be even more, or just at a later time when it is more convenient to switch the load to the dryer.
Sanitary Cycle
  • The internal water heater warms the wash water to 153 degrees F., a temperature hot enough to eliminate 99.999% of harmful bacteria.
  • Use of the sanitary cycle can eliminate the need for bleach to disinfect and sanitize certain types of laundry.
Silk Cycle
  • Virtually every washable silk will be safe in this cycle which gently rocks and cleans your silks before draining without a spin.
Optional Storage Pedestals
  • An ergonomic solution for its front-load washers and dryers to help reduce bending, stooping, or arching.
  • Based on your height and laundry room needs, optional 10 in. and 15.5 in. pedestals make loading, unloading, and filling the dispensers easier.
  • The 15.5 in. pedestal doubles as a storage drawer with a convenient sliding shelf to support your laundry basket.
Wool Cycle
3-Tray Detergent, Bleach, Fabric Softener Dispenser
  • Automatic detergent, bleach and fabric softener dispensers give you the freedom and confidence to load and go.
Drain/Spin Option
1,000 RPM Maximum Spin Speed
Rinse and Spin Option
4-Tray Prewash, Detergent, Bleach, Fabric Softener Dispenser
Automatic Water Level Control
  • Built-in sensors regulate the amount of water used to match the size of the load so that only the absolute minimum water needed is used.
  • With this efficient feature, the Duet washer can save up to 23 gallons of water per load.
1,000 RPM Maximum Spin Speed
6-Point Self-Leveling System
Variable-Speed Motor
Easy View Door Window
Door Lock
  • Locking doors offer added security.
Stack-able Installation with Matching Dryer
  • Part# 8541503 - Stack Kit for Front Load Washer/Dryer
  • Stack Kit provides a galvanized bracket to stack your new Duet washer and dryer vertically, dryer over washer
  • May be installed in an enclosure if water supply faucets, electrical outlets and gas line connection (gas dryer only) are available
  • Installation instructions included. Basic tools required
  • At least two people needed to lift and move the units for your own safety
Flexible Installation with Matching Dryer

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