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Gaggenau Vario 400 Series
15 Inch Modular Induction Cooktop

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quick specs
Actual Width: 14 15/16 Inch
Actual Depth: 20 1/16 Inch
Actual Height: 3 1/8 Inch
Cutout Width: 14 3/16 Inch
Cutout Depth: 19 5/16 Inch
Burner Output
Set 1 QTY: 1
Set 1 Output: 3600
Grill: No
Griddle: No
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Product Information
Brand: Gaggenau
Series: Vario 400 Series
Model: VI411611
Fuel Type: Electric
Style: Smoothtop
Type: Drop-In
Color: Stainless Steel
Surface Color: Black
Trim Color: Stainless Steel
Actual Width: 14 15/16 Inch
Actual Depth: 20 1/16 Inch
Actual Height: 3 1/8 Inch
Cutout Width: 14 3/16 Inch
Cutout Depth: 19 5/16 Inch
Burner Output
Set 1 QTY: 1
Set 1 Output: 3600
Grill: No
Griddle: No
Burners / Elements: 1
Control Type: Knobs
Downdraft Venting: No
Induction: Yes
Hot Surface Indicator Light: Yes
Sabbath Mode: No
Technical Details
Modules Required: No
Amps: 20
Voltage: 240/208 Volts
UPC: 825225845614

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From the Manufacturer

The Difference is Gaggenau
Gaggenau is the world's preeminent brand of restaurant-grade cooking technology for the modern home. Specializing in high-performance built-in kitchen appliances, its sleek portfolio includes ovens, modular gas, electric and induction cooktops, ventilation, refrigerators, dishwashers, specialty appliances such as steamers, grills and deep fryers, and the Asian-influenced Teppan Yaki.

Gaggenau stands for exceptional convenience and intuitive operation, just as in professional kitchens. Products contain high-quality, rugged surface finishes, easy to navigate panels and the most durable of materials, including shot-blasted aluminum surfaces that do not show fingerprints and sturdy control knobs that are a pleasure to use.

Professionals know what they want. They desire clear designs and instinctive controls. The professional kitchen exemplifies the belief that form follows function, and this is the model that Gaggenau has developed its design from. Gaggenau kitchens are not only beautiful, but also intelligent and inspiring. The quality of built-in kitchen appliances begins with the design. Gaggenau builds beautiful ovens, elegant dishwashers, ventilators, cooktops and refrigerators that far exceed expectations. With Gaggenau, form truly follows function.

Gaggenau creates small revolutions in design and technology. Explore their full range of home appliances, and discover how their innovative products combine to help you create the ultimate cooking experience.

Modular Cooktops
The choice is yours: the new professional Vario 400 Series offers eight special-purpose appliances, high-tech in stainless steel, with new-style, sturdy control knobs set in a glowing orange ring. In the 200 Series, surfaces are finished in shot-blasted aluminum, gleaming, light, and robust, with top-mounted control knobs.

Vario VI 411 Induction Cooktop
Designed as part of the Vario 400 Series, the stainless steel VI 411 induction cooktop utilizes the ultra powerful performance of gas with the effortless cleaning and operation of an electrical appliance, allowing enthusiasts to create nourishing masterpieces of culinary delight.

The VI 411 features a unique 15-inch/20-inch glass ceramic surface that always stays cool and a large induction zone that utilizes electronic control with an output level of 3,500 Watts. The induction zone has low to high power variability and pot detection capability delivering excellent results. Outperforming gas and electric cooktops, the VI 411 was the highest rated cooktop by a leading consumer magazine.
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Stainless Steel Edge:  
Control Knobs in Cabinet Frontage:  
Electronic Output Control:  
Pan Detection:  
Residual Heat Indication:  
Automatic Cooking Timer:  
Booster Function:  
Safety Lock:  
Wok Pan Support:  
Wok Pan:  
Cast-Iron Roaster for Zone:  
Appliance Cover:  
Cooking Zones/Combinations
Number of Cooking Zones:  
Induction Wok Zone @ 7 1/16"/11":  
1 (1800/2500W)/(3600W)
Total Electrical Rating:  
3.5 kW
Total Amps:  
16 Amps
Shipping Weight:  
29 Lbs.
14 15/16"
20 1/16"
3 1/8"
Cutout Width:  
14 3/16"
Cutout Depth:  
19 5/16"
Cutout Height:  
Min. 4 1/8" - Max. 6 3/8"


Induction Cooktop
  • Induction is a heat transmission technology that makes optimum use of energy.
  • Its most important attribute is the precise and above all fast-reacting supply of power through the electromagnetic field - with short quick boiling times, almost as in the case of a gas cooktop.
  • Unused heat is no longer lost because the induction method sees to it that only the bottom of the pan is heated, not the cooktop.
  • Also, the cooktop itself heats up slightly and spilled foods can no longer burn onto it.
  • The induction method detects the size of the pan bottom and heats only the bottom, regardless of its diameter.
  • You will recognize pots and pans suitable for induction heating either by their special marking or if a magnet sticks to the bottom.
Electronic Temperature Control
  • Temperature control lets you cook at a precisely defined temperature (water temperature between 113°F and 203°F) or steaming at 212°F.
  • Many delicate dishes, such as fish, are kept from crumbling by using a constant temperature below the boiling point.
  • It is also possible to defrost, warm up, or keep dishes warm over an extended period without any drying out or loss of flavor.
Pan Detection
  • As induction cooking involves heating only of the pot's or pan's bottom, you can work on one and the same cooking zone with different sizes of pots or pans.
  • What's particularly practical: the induction system recognizes the diameter of the pot's or pan's bottom and automatically heats up the bottom only.
  • The cooking zone switches off whenever a pot or pan is removed.
Residual Heat Indication
  • All cooking zones of Gaggenau glass ceramic electric cooktops feature their own individual residual heat indication.
  • This safety device signals whenever cooking zones are still radiating residual heat.
Safety Lock
  • After running for four hours, the appliance automatically switches itself off if it receives no operator commands during this time.
Control Knobs
  • All control knobs are designed to prevent unintentional activation of the appliance.
  • To turn on the appliance, the knobs need to be both pressed and rotated.
  • Before a knob can be turned, it must be pushed through a clearly felt stop position.
  • The temperature selection knobs on electrical appliances may then be turned in either direction, even past the zero position.
  • The setting selected for a cooking zone via a particular knob position is then retained.
  • A discreet circular orange light indicates active cooking zones.
Automatic Cooking Timer (Optional)
  • The appliances in the Vario 400 Series offer the functions of an automatic cooking time with the aid of the connecting strip and timer available as an accessory.
  • With one connecting strip, a maximum of two electric Varios can be selected for 90 minutes.
  • These may be two cooking zones of one VC/VR cooktop or two appliances, e.g. a Vario steam cooktop and a Vario deep fryer.
Wok Pan (Optional)
  • This high quality stainless steel wok is the perfect kitchen tool for anyone who is serious about healthy Asian-style cooking.
  • It has numerous advantages over frying pans.
  • Heat is distributed more evenly, less oil is needed and food tossed during stir-frying actually lands back in the pan.
Wok Pan Support (Optional)
  • Included is a wok attachment for round bottom woks that easily fits on the cooktop.
"Personalize Your Custom Cooktop"
  • Allows specialty pieces to be combined with gas and electric units.
Connecting Strips Give Finished Look and Design

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