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Novotronic Left Hinged Large Capacity Clothes Dryer w/ Angled Advanced Novotronic Controls

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Product Information
Brand: Miele
Model: T1515

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From the Manufacturer

Miele takes the same care for your laundry in the dryer as in the washing machine. Miele dryers utilize Novotronic technology to monitor moisture levels within the laundry rather than using a timed drying cycle. With a timed drying cycle, items may be dry long before the timer shuts down the machine. By drying to a specific moisture level, the dryer can never over-dry your laundry. How does it work A very low voltage electrical charge is passed through the laundry between two contacts, one on the drum and the other on the wall of the dryer. The machine measures the time it takes for this signal to pass between the contacts to determine how much moisture is in the laundry. This, together with the Miele auto reversing drum action ensures your laundry is never over or under dried by tumbling laundry in two directions. This bi-directional action evenly dries the entire load and prevents items form being "trapped" in the middle of the load. This process also helps minimize wrinkling.

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34 1/8"
23 1/2"
21 1/2"
Electrical Requirements
208-240 Volts


  • Vented Model
  • Angled control panel - The 23.5° angle makes the controls very easy to read without bending over: a perfect design for freestanding installations.
  • Novotronic controls - All Miele dryers utilize advanced Novotronic technology to monitor everything from moisture levels to drying temperatures, making automatic adjustments when needed
  • 11 total drying programs
  • 9 moisture-based drying programs - The smart Novotronic design uses electronic sensors to determine moisture levels in the laundry. This ensures proper drying every time, avoiding over-or under-drying associated with mechanical timers.
  • 2 timed drying programs
  • Program Sequence lights
  • Interim drying stage indicators
  • Small load option
  • Three-stage filtration
  • Interior light
  • Buzzer on/off switch
  • Vents to right, left or back
  • Available in white only
  • Full enameled door
  • Available in left hinge only

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