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PTAC 9100/8900 BTU/Hour Cooling Capacity Electric Heat Air Conditioner

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quick specs
Width: 42 Inch
Height: 16 1/2 Inch
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Product Information
Brand: Amana
Model: PTC093B35AE
Width: 42 Inch
Height: 16 1/2 Inch
Wall Sleeve Included: No
Maximum Cooling Watts: 790 Watts
Heating Capacity (BTU): 12,000 BTU
Maximum Heating Amps: 15.8 Amps
Maximum Heating Watts: 3 Watts
Energy Efficiency Rating: 11.5
Window Type: Standard
Technical Details
Voltage: 230/208 Volts

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From the Manufacturer

The Amana Brand Package Termainal Air Conditioner is a self contained unit designed for through-the-wall installations in hotels, motels, offices, apartments, medical facilities and dormitories to provide complete individual room comfort in cooling and heating models.
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PTAC Model No:  
Heat Source:  
Electric Heat
Cooling Capacity:  
9000 BTUH
Voltage Rating (note 3):  
230/208V 60Hz 1PH
Overcurrent Protection:  
20 Amps or 3.5 kW
Net Weight (lbs. approx.):  
110 lbs.
Power Cord:  
NEMA 6 - 20 P
Cooling Performance Only
9,100 / 8,900
790 / 775
Minimum Circuit Ampacity (notes 2 and 4):  
(cool, wet coil): High: 230 / 225 Low: 205 / 200
(dry coil): High: 265 / 260 Low:
Ventilated Air CFM (fan only):  
65 *
Dehumidification (pints/hour):  
*Approximately 95:  
CFM with optional power vent kit. Actual vent CFM performance will vary due to application and installation conditions.
Electric Heater Performance - Primary
Electric Heater Size (kW):  
3.5 / 2.9
Number of Stages:  
Nominal Heating
BTUH at 230V:  
BTUH at 208V:  
BTUH at 265V:  
- -
Total Watts (Note 6):  
3,580 / 2.970
Total Amps (Note 8):  
15.8 / 14.5
Minimum Circuit Ampacity (Note 2):  
Overcurrent Protection (Note 4):  
20 Amps


Energy Efficiences
  • Our unit\'s high efficiencies can qualify you for many of the rebates offered by electric companies.
Freeze Protection
  • Helps prevent bursting water pipes or broken fixtures caused by freezing temperatures. When the unit senses temperatures of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below, the unit activates the fan motor and either electric resistance heat or hydronic heat.
7" Unit Front
  • Enhance valuable room space -- the unit has a sleek 7" depth, one of the shallowest silhouettes in the industry today. In addition, to prevent guest-tempering, the front can be secured to chassis with hidden screws.
Versatile Style
  • Our unit\'s new stylish design and monochromatic, neutral color make it compatible with virtually any room decor or architectural design. The unit becomes less noticeable as it blends into the room\'s color scheme.
Increased Dehumidification Capacity
  • Maintain lower humidity levels in rooms while cooling them without the need for expensive add-on's. As a result, guests feel more comfortable at higher temperatures, thus reducing cooling costs, and the life of your furniture, wall coverings, and fixture
Quiet Operation
  • The unit's state of the art design and construction provide a quiet enviroment allowing guest to enjoy peaceful, sleep-filled nights. (Operating sound levels are further dampened when unit is in low fan mode of operation.)
Reduced Outdoor Sound Transmission
  • With our STC (Sound Transmission Coeffivent) rating of 27, we keep outdoor sounds out-of-doors. By installing the optioal STC30 Rating Accessory Kit, rating can be increased to STC30, thereby meeting or exceeding most ratings requirements. (Kit ordered se
Compressor Restart Delay
  • Extends compressor-life. The unit automatically delays any restart attempt by three minutes to allow the refrigerant pressure time to equalize.
Thirty Second Fan Off Delay
  • The Fan Continues to run thirty (30) seconds after the compressor has stop in either cooling or heat pump mode and after electric heat has been turned off. This improves efficiency by dispensing the conditioned air on the coils into room.
Front Desk Control Capability
  • Obtain greater savings by centrally controlling units and eliminate wasted energy generated by cooling and heating unoccupied rooms. Each unit has low voltage interface capability with field supplied front desk On/off Switch.
Filtered Ventilation Air
  • Guest\'s rooms stay cleaner, longer. The ventilation air intake filters outside air to reduce dust and other airborne material. The control lever is hidden from occupant\'s view.
Charcoal Filter Kit (Optional)
  • Amana brand Activated Charcol filters absorb odors caused by cigarette, pipe or cigar smoke, mold, mildew, ect. These replacement filters are permanent polyester fibers coated with activated charcoal.
Remote Temperature Sensing (Optional)
  • Guest's enjoy ultimate comfort climate control. Attach the optional, inexpensive remote thermistor temperature sensing kit-RTS02 and temperatures are held more closely to the chosen room setting.
Fan Sampling (SBS routine)
  • During the "fan-auto" mode, starting at 5 minute then increasing to 15 minute intervals, the fan automatically samples the air inside the room. If the air in the room is to warm, the unit will automatically cycle into cooling mode without thermostat
Electronic Temperature Limiter
  • Saves energy and money by avoiding the extreme settings that can occur with guest operation. The Temperature Limiter allows you to adjust in-room temperature settings within any 4 pre-programmed ranges, set by you, with easy to use dip switches.
Wall Sleeve 13-3/4" x 42" x 16-1/16"
  • No more worries about changing out non-standard sleeves that do not accommodate the bulk of what the industry has to offer standard size of 13 3/4" deep x 42" wide 16 1/16". This item is an accessory item, WS900B.
Custom Wall Sleeve 24" x 42" x 16-1/16"
  • This wall sleeve is available in depths of 15" to 24" in increments of 1" to accomodate non-standard openings.
Automatic Emeergency Heat (Heat Pump Only)
  • No more "my unit is not heating" complaints during the middle of the night. Each unit automatically swithes over to electric resistance heat if for any reason the heat pump compressor system fails or if the heating load is greater than the unit capacity
Easy to Service & LED Diagnostics
  • The main components are easily serviced and there no guessing to determine the problem with our easy to read diagnostics.
Exteneded Heat Pump Heating
  • The heat pump models will operate in the heat pump mode down to as low as 24 degrees outdoor ambient, providing additional hours of energy saving operation.
Zero Floor Clearance
  • Unit can be installed flush to the floor,if desired.(some accesories dont have zero clearance).
Easy to use controls
  • No complex control to confuse guests and create problems. Controls are easy to read, understand and activate.
Fan Mode Switch
  • Take advantage of the unit\'s dual options: Select continuous fan operation or cycle the fan On and off with the thermostat.
Random Restart
  • Avoid troublesome power surges that can damage electrical circuts. Each unit has a random restart circut to prevent all units from restarting at one time after power disruption.

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