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ACP BACnet Gateway

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Product Information
Brand: LG
Model: PQNFB17C1
UPC: 048231369046

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Standard Features
  • Integrates Multi V and select Mini and Multi Split systems with third party building management systems.
  • BTL certified (ASHRAE 135 2004) BACnet Application Specific Controller (B ASC)
  • Supports registration as a foreign device
  • 20 x 4 character LCD
  • Indoor unit control/monitoring by groups/indoor units
  • Web access with user access control
  • Operation and error history log
  • Forced off digital input
  • Nine digital inputs and four digital outputs for device interlocking
Basic Unit Functions
  • Operation - On/Off
  • Mode - Auto/Cool/Dry/Heat/Fan Only
  • Set point
  • Fan Speed - Auto/Low/Med/High/Power
  • Louver Swing
Advanced Unit Functions
  • Two Set point Auto Changeover
  • Two Set point Setback
  • 200 Programmable Schedule Events with control of set point, On/Off, Mode, Fan Speed, Controller Lock, and Louver Swing
  • Temperature Set point Range Limit
  • Remote Controller Lock (All, Set point, Mode, Fan Speed)
  • Run Time Limit (Unoccupied Override)
  • Software Device Interlocking
  • Manual Control and Scheduling of Digital Output Kit
  • Peak Control
  • Visual Floor plan Navigation
  • Optional Power Distribution Indicator (PDI)

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