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Movincool Office Pro Series
23,300 BTU Portable Air Cooled Air Conditioner

quick specs
Width: 21 Inch
Depth: 27 Inch
Height: 47 Inch
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Product Information
Brand: Movincool
Series: Office Pro Series
Model: OP24
Width: 21 Inch
Depth: 27 Inch
Height: 47 Inch
Type: Portable
Maximum Cooling Amps: 11.2 Amps
Maximum Cooling Watts: 2,700 Watts
Heat: No
CFM Room Circulation: 870 CFM
Energy Efficiency Rating: 8.6
Control Type: Digital
Remote Control Included: No
Self-Evaporating: No
Grade: Commercial
Technical Details
Energy Star Rated: No
Plug Type: 6-20P
Voltage: 230/208 Volts

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From the Manufacturer

Providing more cooling capacity than the Office Pro 12, the Office Pro 24 portable air conditioner is specifically designed for offices filled with heat-generating electronics. Computers, networks, communications and office equipment will shut down when the temperature rises, crippling daily operations. By bringing spot air conditioning to just the area or room that needs it, the Office Pro saves money while protecting your company's investment in equipment and customers. Self-contained and portable, the Office Pro 24 requires no costly installation - simply roll it in, plug it in and turn it on.

** Exhaust duct required in most cases.

Spot Cooling is portable air-conditioning that can be placed where you need it the most.

A Spot Cooler unit can be moved from room to room or positioned strategically to cool "hot spots" in your office or building - areas that require consistent temperatures.

While energy costs continue to climb utility companies are frequently unable to provide all of the electricity that a plant, laboratory, hospital or office complex may require. When circumstances force your business to control capital expense, the case for spot cooling gets stronger - as spot cooling provides efficient, low-cost cooling that is easy on the bottom line.

For many industries and companies, in a wide variety of applications, Spot Coolers are the answer to controlling both energy use and capital expenses. Spot cooling is a method of cooling overheated areas within a larger area, as opposed to providing general cooling by means of a remote centrally controlled air-conditioning system. In operation, spot cooling is an extremely efficient means of cooling people, processes, and equipment because it directs a localized stream of cool air exactly where it is needed. The concept of spot cooling is not a new idea, but the use of Spot Coolers to accomplish localized cooling within work environments and equipment rooms is an effective solution to many difficult cooling problems.
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Dimensions & Weights
210 lbs.
Shipping Weight:  
250 lbs.
Cooling Capacity
BTU/hr. @ 95&#176 at 60% Relative Humidity:  
Electrical Characteristics
Power Supply:  
208/230 Volts 1 Phase
Power Consumption:  
2.7 Kilowatts
Current Consumption:  
11.2 Amperes
Fuse Size:  
20 Amperes
NEMA Plug Configuration:  
Min-max Voltage:  
195 - 250 Volt
Power Cord Gauge:  
12AWG (3 Core)
Power Cord Length:  
6 ft.
Compressor Characteristics
Compressor Type:  
Hermetic Rotary
R22 Charge:  
2.14 Pounds
Operating Conditions: Min-Max&#176F:  
65&#176 - 95&#176F, 50% RH
Fan Characteristics - Evaporator
Fan Type:  
Air Flow High/Low:  
630/545 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure (Inches of Water Gauge):  
Fan Characteristics - Condenser
Fan Type:  
Air Flow High/Low:  
870/760 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure (Inches of Water Gauge):  
Safety Devices
Compressor Overload Relay:  
Fan Motor Protection:  
Anti-Freeze Thermostat:  
Automatic Tank Shut-off:  
Condensate Tank Capacity:  
5 Gallons
High-Pressure Switch:  
Compressor Short-Cycle Protection:  
Fan Mode Switch:  
Automatic Restart:  
Control Panel:  
Thermostat Control:  
Miscellaneous Features
Operating Cost:  
Humidity Removed @ 60% RH:  
Accommodates Condensate Pump:  
Sound Level High/Low:  
63/61 dB
Max. Evaporator Ducting Length:  
50 ft. (subtract 10 ft. for every 90&#176 Bend)
Max. Condenser Ducting Length:  
45 ft. (subtract 10 ft. for every 90&#176 Bend)


  • Programmable digital controller... "set" the desired temperature and time, the unit will operate automatically during weekends and after-hours.
  • Operates on 220v power... can be used for as little as 15 cents per hour.
  • Provides 23,300 Btu/hr of cool air... maximum spot cooling to just the room that needs it.
  • Provides cooling in the low 60's°F... the ideal operating environment for heat-sensitive electronics.
  • Condensation overflow control... prevents overflow when condensation builds up.
  • UL Listed... assures safe operation.

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