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24,000 BTU Single Zone Wall-Mounted Cool Only Ductless Split System

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Product Information
Brand: Napoleon
Model: NCHS24
AC System Type: Mini Split
Component Type: System
Wireless Remote Control(s) Included: Included
Wired Remote Control(s) Included: No
Electrical Data
Running Current Cooling - Max. (Amps): 8.5 Amps
Power Input Cooling - Max. (Watts): 1,930 Watts
Energy Star Certified: No
SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating): 13
Airflow Rate Medium (CFM): 1,250 CFM

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From the Manufacturer

Covering Your Total Home Comfort Needs
Napoleon is proud to introduce their next commitment to your total home comfort with Napoleon Heating and Air Conditioning. Time after time, Napoleon has led the way with new and innovative, patented technology. They are proud to say that their products continuously surpass industry standards and their inspiration is you! More than anything they want you to feel confident in choosing Napoleon for your home. Their products are designed to provide that confidence and ensure that every Napoleon Product is beyond compare.

Ductless air conditioners provide a cost effective alternative to installing central air conditioning utilizing ZONE COOLING. Napoleon ductless heat pumps can both heat and cool your home. Multi-zone systems boost cooling areas in other locations of your house for individual room comfort and control. Not only is ductwork not necessary but you control the comfort level by cooling or heating only the room that is being used, thereby keeping the operating costs down. Since hot air naturally rises and accumulates at the top of any room, the indoor unit mounts close to the ceiling using moveable vanes to improve cooling efficiency where it's needed first, while circulating the air for a healthier environment. Heat pumps force hot air to the lowest area of the room. Ductless air conditioners provide a balanced, comfortable environment.

Ductless air conditioning is more efficient, quieter and will provide an alternative to a noisy, inefficient window unit. Window air conditioners not only present a security risk, they take up valuable window space, are noisy while operating and often leave you with uncomfortable drafts. Ductless air conditioners provide you with efficient, safe, WHISPERQUIET operation.

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Capacity Cooling:  
24,000 BTU/Hr
Filter System:  
Up/Down/Side to Side Swing
Auto Restart:  
Sleep Timer:  
Power Supply:  
Indoor Noise (Low-Medium-High):  
45-51-65 dB
UL Approved:  
CSA ETL Approved:  
Manufacturer's Limited Warranty:  
5 Years
Indoor/Evaporator Width:  
48 4/5"
Indoor/Evaporator Depth:  
12 4/5"
Indoor/Evaporator Height:  
8 9/10"
Outdoor/Condenser Width:  
Outdoor/Condenser Depth:  
Outdoor/Condenser Height:  
32 9/10"


  • ZONE COOLING with the touch of a button.
  • Directional vanes move vertically as well as horizontally to provide optimum cooling where needed.
  • WhisperQuiet operation indoors and outdoors.
  • High efficiency corrugated filter screen features superior dust filtration, heavy duty mold proofing and an antiseptic to help create a healthy environment.
  • Attractive and efficient slim line design compliments any room in your home, cottage or business.
  • Intelligent; user friendly remote control included for precise, personal programming.
  • Environmentally friendly R410A high efficiency refrigeration.
  • Dehumidifies, keeping your home environment comfortable.
  • Flexible installation for any room in your home/workplace.
  • Automatically restarts after power failures for your peace of mind.
  • Energy savings; cool only where and when you decide.

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Warranty Info

Warranties on mini split air conditioners only include parts and do not include labor. The licensed HVAC Technician who installs your air conditioner should always provide you with a labor warranty (preferably for at least a full year to compliment the manufacturers' parts warranty).

AJ Madison will only finalize a Mini Split (Ductless Split System) purchase with an authorized HVAC Technician. AJ Madison recommends the installation of a mini-split system to be performed by a trained and qualified HVAC technician with the proper knowledge and background. A trained technician will be able to judge the best location for the air handling (evaporator) unit and also the correct size for the area the unit will heat and/or cool. For assistance with all your technical needs please contact our technical department at

Should you experience an issue during the installation or the initial startup of a unit please do not contact the manufacturer. You should have the technician that installed your system contact either AJ Madison or the manufacturer. We cannot accept any service or warranty calls from anyone but a licensed HVAC technician. We have a full technical support team available to help you throughout the installation process.

AJ Madison, Inc. cannot be held liable for improper installation and operation of any product purchased from our company. Should a warranty issue arise in which parts will need to be replaced, an installation receipt will be required along with your AJ Madison sales receipt. Failure to provide a receipt or invoice may result in the warranty not being honored.