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LG Art Cool Mirror
18,000 Class BTU Wall-Mounted Mini Split Indoor Air Conditioner

20,800 BTU Heat Pump Chaos Swing Jet Cool

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Product Information
Brand: LG
Series: Art Cool Mirror
Model: LMAN187HVT
AC System Type: Mini Split
Component Type: Indoor Unit
Operation: Cooling with Heat Pump
Placement Type: Wall Mount
Wireless Remote Control(s) Included: Included
Wired Remote Control(s) Included: No
Thermostat Range - Cooling (F°): 14-118
Thermostat Range - Heating (F°): 0-64
BTU Class: 18,000 BTU
Heating Capacity: 20,800 BTU
Electrical Data
Power Source V / Hz / Ø: (208/230/60/1)
Rated Amps: 0.3 Amps
Fan: Cross-Flow
No. of Fans: 1
Motor: Brushless Digitally Controlled
Motor Drive: Direct
Energy Star Certified: No
Airflow Rate Low (CFM): 434 CFM
Airflow Rate Medium (CFM): 501 CFM
Airflow Rate High (CFM): 572 CFM
Operating Sound Level - Low (dB): 28 dB
Operating Sound Level - Medium (dB): 33 dB
Operating Sound Level - High (dB): 37 dB
Temperature Sensor: Thermistor
Piping Connections
Power and Communication Cable - No.: 4
Power and Communication Cable - AWG: 18
Liquid Line Outer Diameter: 1/4 Inch
Suction Line Outer Diameter: 1/2 Inch
Drain Line Outer Diameter: 27/32 Inch
Drain Line Inner Diameter: 5/8 Inch
Refrigeration System
Refrigerant Type: R-410A
Refrigerant Connection Type: Flare
Refrigerant Control: EEV
Max. Line Length - Each: 82 Ft.
Control Lock Function (Concealed Duct Only): No
Human Detection Technology: No
Room-Freeze Protection: No
Filter Clean Notification: No
Hot Start Heating System (Heat Pumps Only): Yes
Program Timer: Yes
Manual Power Switch: Yes
Defrost/Deicing: No
Air Filter: Yes
Filters Washable?: Yes
Filters Anti-microbial?: Yes
Restart Delay: No
Self-diagnosis: Yes
Condensate Sensor Connection: Yes
Soft Start: No
Quiet/Sleep Mode: No
Self-Cleaning Indoor Coil: Yes
Built-in Drain Pump (Indoor Unit): Yes
Hidden Display: No
Surge Cool/Heat: Yes
Auto Operation: Yes
Auto Restart on Power Failure: Yes
Auto-changeover: No
Automatic Louver Adjustment: Yes
4-Way Swing: Yes
Dehumidifying Mode: No
No. of Fan Speeds: 5
Technical Details
ADA Compliant: No
Voltage: 230/208 Volts
Warranty Terms
Parts Warranty: 5 Year
Dimensions & Weights
Width: 40 9/16 Inch
Depth: 9 5/8 Inch
Height: 12 25/32 Inch
Net Weight: 35 Lbs.
Shipping Weight: 39 Lbs.
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From the Manufacturer

LG 18,000 BTU Art Cool Mirror Indoor Wall-Mounted Indoor Air Conditioner
Enjoy the marriage of form and function with this sleek model. This air conditioner features a stylish, mirrored finish designed to complement a contemporary space. It also contains all the benefits of LG's standard wall mount air conditioner, including Auto-Operation for effortless temperature control, Chaos Swing for a natural air flow, and a plasma air filtration system for healthier, fresher air. This air conditioner includes its own wireless handheld remote-controller; an LG-supplied wired controller is available separately.
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Cooling with Heat Pump
Component Type:  
Indoor Unit
Placement Type:  
Wall Mount
Wireless Remote Control(s) Included:  
Wired Remote Control(s) Included:  
Nominal Cooling Capacity:  
18,000 BTU/h
Nominal Heating Capacity:  
20,800 BTU/h
Electrical Data
Power Supply (V/Hz/Phase):  
Power and Communication Cable (No. X AWG):  
4 X 18
Rated Amps:  
0.3 Amps
Cross Flow
No. of Fans:  
Bushless Digitally Controlled
Motor Drive:  
Airflow Rate - Low:  
434 CFM
Airflow Rate - Med.:  
501 CFM
Airflow Rate - High:  
572 CFM
Operating Sound Level - Low:  
28 dB
Operating Sound Level - Med.:  
33 dB
Operating Sound Level - High:  
37 dB
Temperature Sensor:  
Refrigeration System
Refrigerant Type:  
Refrigerant Control:  
Liquid Line O.D.:  
Vapor Line O.D.:  
Drain O.D.:  
Drain I.D.:  
Auto Operation:  
Program Timer:  
Surge Cool/Heat:  
Soft Start:  
Hot Start Heating Function:  
Quiet/Sleep Mode:  
Human Detection Technology:  
Dehumidifying Mode:  
Air Filter:  
Primary Filter:  
Washable Pre-Filter
Secondary Filter:  
Room Freeze Protection:  
Auto-Restart on Power Failure:  
Built-in Drain Pump:  
Parts Warranty:  
5 Year
Labor Warranty:  
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width:  
40 9/16"
Overall Depth:  
9 5/8"
Overall Height:  
12 25/32"
Net Unit Weight:  
35 Lbs.
Shipping Weight:  
40 Lbs.


Wall Mount Art Cool Mirror Air Conditioner

Wall Mount Art Cool Mirror Air Conditioner

Fan Features
Chaos Swing

Controls air direction and air speed in three steps - fast, slow and stop - to provide a more natural air circulation.

Jet Cool

Operates at a high speed for up to 30 minutes to quickly cool a room.

Jet Heat

Operates at a high speed for up to 30 minutes to quickly heat a room.

Auto Operation

Provides three levels of comfort from which to choose. Temperature and fan speed is set automatically.

Auto Restart

Automatically restarts the system after a power failure.

Self-cleaning Indoor Coil

Self-cleans the heat exchanger, maintaining the indoor air conditioner's interior and eliminating unwanted mold and odors.

More Features
Wireless LCD Remote Controller

Also includes batteries, holder and holder hardware; wired controller available as an option.

LG Art Cool Mirror LMAN187HVT Reviews

Warranty Info

Warranties on mini split air conditioners only include parts and do not include labor. The licensed HVAC Technician who installs your air conditioner should always provide you with a labor warranty (preferably for at least a full year to compliment the manufacturers' parts warranty).

AJ Madison will only finalize a Mini Split (Ductless Split System) purchase with an authorized HVAC Technician. AJ Madison recommends the installation of a mini-split system to be performed by a trained and qualified HVAC technician with the proper knowledge and background. A trained technician will be able to judge the best location for the air handling (evaporator) unit and also the correct size for the area the unit will heat and/or cool. For assistance with all your technical needs please contact our technical department at

Should you experience an issue during the installation or the initial startup of a unit please do not contact the manufacturer. You should have the technician that installed your system contact either AJ Madison or the manufacturer. We cannot accept any service or warranty calls from anyone but a licensed HVAC technician. We have a full technical support team available to help you throughout the installation process.

AJ Madison, Inc. cannot be held liable for improper installation and operation of any product purchased from our company. Should a warranty issue arise in which parts will need to be replaced, an installation receipt will be required along with your AJ Madison sales receipt. Failure to provide a receipt or invoice may result in the warranty not being honored.