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Electrolux ICON
Collar Kit

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Product Information
Brand: Electrolux
Series: ICON
Model: ECK23CDS

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Optional Collar Kit (ECK23CDS) Specifications
  • To use optional Collar Kit, an enclosure is required around refrigerator having a minimum opening of 70-1/4"H x 36-1/8"W x 24-1/2"D with 1/2" minimum side panels.
  • Add maximum of 1/4" to 70-1/4" opening height when installed with frameless-style overhead cabinets, for door opening clearance.
  • The cabinet or soffit above refrigerator must extend out to same depth as side panels.
  • To provide additional clearance for overhead cabinet doors when in open position, allow 1" from underside of cabinet to bottom of cabinet door.
  • A minimum width of 36-1/8" is required for refrigerator installation with an additional 1/2" or 3/4" added for each side panel.
  • If 1/2" side panels are used, then side trim piece and panel will be even. If 3/4" side panels are used, then 1/4" of side panel will extend beyond collar trim and must be finished.

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