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Gaggenau 300 Series
36 Inch Single Electric Wall Oven

3.07 cu. ft. Capacity Convection Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning
product highlights
Stainless Steel Handle
Stainless Steel Handle This oven offers a sturdy stainless steel handle, giving your kitchen a clean, professional look.
Viewing Window
Viewing Window Monitor the progress of your cooking without opening the door and releasing valuable heat.
Convection Circulating heat in the oven keeps heat even, concise, and always enveloping the food to lock in flavor. Many models include multiple fans with their own heating elements for maximum heat distribution.
Undercounter Installable
Undercounter Installable This oven is designed to install either in the wall, under an island, or under your kitchen counter.
quick specs
Cutout Width: 33 7/8 Inch
Cutout Depth: 22 1/16 Inch
Cutout Height: 18 11/16 Inch
Exterior Width: 36 Inch
Exterior Depth: 21 5/8 Inch
Exterior Height: 18 7/8 Inch
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Product Information
Brand: Gaggenau
Series: 300 Series
Model: EB388610
Fuel Type: Electric
Style: Single
Microwave: No
Speed Oven: No
Steam Oven: No
Color: Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Handle: Yes
Viewing Window: Yes
Drawer: None
Clock: Digital
Cutout Width: 33 7/8 Inch
Cutout Depth: 22 1/16 Inch
Cutout Height: 18 11/16 Inch
Exterior Width: 36 Inch
Exterior Depth: 21 5/8 Inch
Exterior Height: 18 7/8 Inch
Oven Features
Capacity: 3.07 Cu. Ft.
Convection: Yes
Self-Cleaning: Yes
Control Type: Digital
Broiler Element Location: Top
Delay Bake: Yes
Digital Temperature Display: Yes
Interior Oven Light: Yes
Oven Racks: 1
Proofing: No
Removable Door: No
Sabbath Mode: No
Temperature Probe: Yes
Timer: Yes
Broiler Pan Included: Yes
Technical Details
Undercounter Installable: Yes
Amps: 30
Voltage: 240/208 Volts
UPC: 825225818533

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From the Manufacturer

The Difference is Gaggenau
Gaggenau is the world's preeminent brand of restaurant-grade cooking technology for the modern home. Specializing in high-performance built-in kitchen appliances, its sleek portfolio includes ovens, modular gas, electric and induction cooktops, ventilation, refrigerators, dishwashers, specialty appliances such as steamers, grills and deep fryers, and the Asian-influenced Teppan Yaki.

Gaggenau stands for exceptional convenience and intuitive operation, just as in professional kitchens. Products contain high-quality, rugged surface finishes, easy to navigate panels and the most durable of materials, including shot-blasted aluminum surfaces that do not show fingerprints and sturdy control knobs that are a pleasure to use.

Professionals know what they want. They desire clear designs and instinctive controls. The professional kitchen exemplifies the belief that form follows function, and this is the model that Gaggenau has developed its design from. Gaggenau kitchens are not only beautiful, but also intelligent and inspiring. The quality of built-in kitchen appliances begins with the design. Gaggenau builds beautiful ovens, elegant dishwashers, ventilators, cooktops and refrigerators that far exceed expectations. With Gaggenau, form truly follows function.

Gaggenau creates small revolutions in design and technology. Explore their full range of home appliances, and discover how their innovative products combine to help you create the ultimate cooking experience.

The oven is and always has been the heart of the kitchen. Gaggenau's ovens offer you the perfect combination of form and function with each one crafted to perfection to meet the most exacting professional demands.

EB 388 Extra-Large Oven
Beautiful looking and beautifully effective, the 36" stainless steel EB 388 oven matches design and technology with inspirational results. The largest built-in oven in the Gaggenau collection, it is approximately 30% larger than conventional models. The interior is wider than it is tall and has space to broil or roast three or four items of poultry or meat side by side - there is even room for a large cut of game or a small lamb.

The EB 388 excels in more than just sheer size, of course. Temperature control is very precise, covering the range from 120°F - 170°F in 5°F increments and from 170°F - 570°F in 10°F increments. Having reached the selected setting, the oven effectively maintains the temperature with negligible variation - a feature destined to please gourmets and professional chefs alike. Despite its size, the EB 388 reaches temperature rapidly.
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Single Oven
Net Volume:  
3.07 Cu. Ft.
Heating Modes
Temperature Range:  
120 - 570°F
Convection + Bottom Heat (Bake):  
Top/Bottom Heat (Conventional Bake):  
Top Heat Only:  
Bottom Heat + 1/3 Top Heat:  
Top Heat + 1/3 Bottom Heat:  
Baking Stone Function:  
Large Area Grill:  
Large Area Grill + Convection (Convection Broil):  
Economy Broil:  
Cast Roaster Function:  
Proofing Mode:  
Electronic Precision Temperature Control:  
Actual Temperature Display "ThermoTest":  
Super-Quick Preheating:  
Core Temperature Sensor (Meat Probe):  
Rotisserie Function:  
Baking Stone:  
Cast Iron Roaster:  
Heating Element for Baking Stone:  
Heating Element for Cast Roaster:  
Support Grid (Wire Rack) for Baking Stone:  
Support Grid (Wire Rack) for Cast Roaster:  
Halogen Lighting:  
Function Display with Automatic Cooking Timer:  
Heat-Insulated Door with Multiple Glazing:  
Child and Safety Lock:  
Cooled Housing:  
Baking Tray:  
Wire Rack:  
Broil Pan:  
1 with Rack
Glass Tray:  
Cleaning Functions
Gaggenau (CleanEnamel) Special Porcelain:  
Air Cleaning Catalyst:  
Total Connection Load:  
7.1 kW
Fuse Protection:  
30 Amps
Planning Notes:  
6 Ft. Power Cable (Hardwire Required)
Shipping Weight:  
236 Lbs.
Exterior Width:  
35 1/16"
Exterior Depth:  
21 5/8"
Exterior Height:  
18 7/8"
Interior Width:  
24 3/8"
Interior Depth:  
15 3/4"
Interior Height:  
13 3/4"
Cutout Width:  
33 7/8"
Cutout Depth:  
22 1/16"
Cutout Height:  
18 11/16"


Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning
  • Effective self-cleaning is one of the most convenient features of Gaggenau's built-in ovens.
  • The conventional pyrolytic self-cleaning function offers 3 pyrolytic times (2, 2 1/2, or 3 hours) depending on the level of cleaning required.
  • The pyrolytic procedure is optimized for excellent cleaning and minimum energy consumption.
  • The high-temperature pyrolytic self-cleaning program burns off the splashes and residues left behind by cooking food.
  • A quick wipe around the interior with a damp cloth once the oven has cooled down should be all the cleaning you need to do.
  • The pyrolytic self-cleaning program is set using the timer.
  • The oven door locks automatically during this process.
Porcelain Interior
  • The speckled blue porcelain coating repels just about everything, so a quick wipe around with a damp sponge and a little cleanser is quite sufficient to keep the oven clean after normal use.
  • A special porcelain coating takes the work out of looking after the oven's broil pan and baking tray too.
Digital Clock and Automatic Cooking Timer
  • The automatic cooking timer allows you to program a cooking start time and a duration up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Therefore, you can put a prepared roast of meat in the oven in the morning, for example, and remove it cooked and ready just when you need it.
  • The digital clock also functions as a short-period alarm timer.
  • It operates independently of the oven function selected, so you can use it to time things heating on the stove or even simply to remind you to do something.
Air Cleaning Catalyst
  • It is not normally possible to expel air from the oven directly to the outside, so the only way to keep the cooking air fresh is to clean it.
  • Here too, Gaggenau leads the way.
  • Their novel catalyst-based air cleaning system for ovens removes grease and odors from the air and, since it is self-regenerating, has an almost unlimited lifetime.
Precise Temperature Setting
  • The oven temperature control covers the 120 - 570°F range in 5 or 10°F increments.
  • Such fine control makes it easy to change temperatures during cooking, so you can start a roast on a high temperature to brown and crisp the outside and finish it off at a lower heat to keep the inside tender and pink.
Meat Probe
  • The needle tip of the meat probe, available in most Gaggenau ovens, inserts into the center of the item being roasted or baked to measure the core temperature.
  • The result is shown on the illuminated display.
  • When the core temperature reaches the figure selected at the start of cooking (no higher than 210°F), an intermittent alarm sounds and the oven heating switches off automatically.
ThermoTest Actual Temperature Display
  • The actual temperature display shows the exact temperature inside the oven.
  • Refer to it after raising or lowering the set temperature, for example, to check on heating or cooling progress and to find out when the oven has settled at the new temperature.
SuperQuick Preheating
  • Gaggenau's SuperQuick control activates hot air heating and the lower heating element together to dramatically reduce preheating times.
  • All current EB 200, EB 300 and EB 900 series ovens feature SuperQuick control.
Child and Vacation Lock
  • The child lock is set with a combination of buttons and control knobs, preventing little hands from switching the oven on by accident.
  • The vacation lock shuts off the heat if the oven is left on for more than 12 hours without the controls being touched.
Universal Heating System
  • Typical of Gaggenau ovens, the universal cooking system provides up to eleven alternatives from which to select the ideal cooking mode for baking, roasting, heating, broiling and browning.
  • A convection system with a circular heating element and fan ensures that the heat is evenly distributed through the oven in the convection mode.
  • The conventional lower heating element may be used in combination with convection heating or the upper heating element or on its own.
  • The upper heating element may be likewise be used alone if required.
  • The optional baking stone opens up additional possibilities.
Gaggenau Clean-Enamel
  • Very little food residue bakes onto this special, speckled blue enameling.
  • In most cases a simple sponge soaked in water with detergent suffices for cleaning after normal oven operation.
  • The Clean-Enamel surface of the grill pan and baking inserts are also easy to clean.
Cooled Housing with Temperature Protection
  • Gaggenau ovens feature temperature protection against overheating of the built-in appliance and surrounding kitchen units.
  • Automatic housing cooling switches on as needed, even after the oven is turned off.
  • The fan system is virtually silent.
Heat-Insulated Door with Multiple-Fold Glazing
  • The multiple glazing has four layers of glass.
  • The temperature on the outer pane remains low, even when the pyrolytic process is at maximum power.
Baking Stone (Optional)
  • This oven accessory turns the kitchen into a bread or pizza bakery in no time at all.
  • The baking stone is heated by an element of its own, similar to the cast-iron roatster.
  • The high temperatures the baking stone reaches - up to 570 degrees - are ideal for bread, rolls and pizzas.
Heating Element (Optional)
  • Plugs into the socket in the cavity of all Gaggenau ovens and also heats the baking stone and cast roaster for ovens.
Rotisserie Spit (Optional)
  • Provides even broiling on all sides - for poultry, boned joints or meat on the bones, such as leg of lamb.
  • Meat gets crisp and browns evenly.
  • For best results, choose broiling or top heat as operating mode.
  • The rotisserie spit can be used for meat weighing up to 13.2 lbs.

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