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24 Inch Built-in Nespresso Capsule Coffee Bean System

20 Capsule Capacity Removable Capsule Carousel 4 Custom User Profiles
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quick specs
Width: 23 7/16 Inch
Depth: 12 1/2 Inch
Height: 14 5/8 Inch
Technical Details
Amps: 15
Voltage: 120 Volts
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Product Information
Brand: Miele
Model: CVA2662SSL
MPN: 29266230USA
Style: Built-in
Control Type: Touch Sensor
Color: Stainless Steel
Width: 23 7/16 Inch
Depth: 12 1/2 Inch
Height: 14 5/8 Inch
Installation: Non-Plumbed
Technical Details
Amps: 15
Voltage: 120 Volts

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From the Manufacturer

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Coffee Systems
Something's brewing at Miele..
Miele partnered with Nespresso with a particular objective in mind: to offer the world's best variety of coffee blends for their customers to enjoy. Nespresso offers a distinctive choice of more than twelve premium coffee varieties to satisfy every taste at any time of the day.

Each blend is hermetically sealed immediately after the coffee is ground, using Nespresso's innovative and exclusive packaging concept. This guarantees freshness and preserves the aroma until you decide to unleash it using the Miele coffee system, specifically designed to extract the richness from each capsule.
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Stainless Steel Feature Clean Touch Steel
Coffee Bean System:  
Control Pad:  
Door Hinged:  
Concealed Handle:  
Removable Capsule Carousel:  
Coffee Capsule Capacity:  
Individual Capsule Chambers:  
Custom User Profiles:  
Automatic Rinse and Cleaning Programs:  
Water Reservoir:  
1.6 Quarts (1.5 Liter)
Programmable Cup Sizes:  
Water Hardness Setting:  
LED Illumination:  
Dispensing Spout:  
Hot Water Preparation:  
Cappuccinatore Jug:  
Safety Lock:  
Multi-Lingual LCD Display:  
Yes, 15 Languages
Stand-By Function:  
Delay Start/Stop Function:  
Fault Diagnosis:  
Cleaning Agent:  
Overall Width:  
23 7/16"
Overall Depth:  
12 1/2"
Overall Height:  
14 5/8"
Cutout Width:  
22 1/16" to 22 3/8"
Cutout Depth:  
12" Min.
Cutout Height:  
13 3/4"


Nespresso Capsule Coffee System
Door Hinged Left / Concealed Handle
Patented Brewing Unit
Clean Touch Steel
  • This innovative finish resists fingerprints, scratches and smudges.
  • A special treatment stands up to aggressive handling - keeping the exterior cleaner and easier to maintain.
Removable Capsule Carousel
  • An integrated capsule carousel within the system holds 20 individual capsules enabling you to offer 5 different blends.
  • With the push of a button, you can pour that needed, robust cup of morning coffee or create a mild, afternoon latte.
  • In the evening, try decaffeinated coffee or enjoy preparing a cappuccino or double espresso.
  • Your choice and at the push of a button!
Navitronics Control Pad
  • Navitronic controls, Miele's state-of-the-art, menu-driven user interface, offers the ultimate in product controls and design.
  • The coffee system is engaged via touch screen controls and within a few steps.
  • You can adjust your settings or simply brew your favorite blend of coffee.
  • Easy-to-use technology that helps you customize your coffee system to meet your individual needs.
20 Coffee Capsule Capacity
5 Individual Capsule Chambers
4 Custom User Profiles
  • Can be programmed to accommodate different preferences and serving sizes.
Automatic Rinse and Cleaning Programs
Large-Capacity Used-Capsule Container (Up to 25 Capsules)
1.6 Quart (1.5 Liter) Water Reservoir
Water Volume Dispensed Is Adjustable, Per Cup Size
Four Programmable Cup Sizes
  • Espresso
  • Double espresso
  • Coffee
  • Double coffee
Water Hardness Setting
LED Illumination Of Work Area
Dispensing Spout
Hot Water Preparation
Unique Cappuccinatore Jug for Frothing Milk
  • The froth is the uncontested crowning glory of any coffee, and the Miele systems are experts in this field.
  • Its unique Cappuccinatore is an easy-to-use frothing cup that either delivers froth straight into the cup or retains it in its cup for you to have the pleasure of gingerly pouring it into your cup or glass.
Safety Lock
Multi-Lingual LCD Display, 15 Languages
Stand-By Function
Delay Start / Stop Function
Fault Diagnosis
The Grand Cru Blends of Nespresso
  • Miele partnered with Nespresso, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nestlé, with a particular objective in mind: to offer the world's best variety of coffee blends to their customers.
  • Nespresso offers a distinctive choice of more than 12 Grand Cru coffee varieties to satisfy every taste at any time of the day.
Replenishment of Nespresso Capsules
  • The Miele coffee systems exclusively use the Nespresso capsules.
  • Nespresso capsules are made available around the world through the Nespresso Club of which you are automatically a member once you activate your product warranty registration online at miele.com.
  • The Nespresso Club is a 24 hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week service which offers members personalized service and expertise on all available coffee varieties.
  • All orders are delivered within 48 hours, regardless of where you live.

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