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24 Inch Built-in Coffee Machine

quick specs
Width: 23 3/8 Inch
Depth: 19 11/16 Inch
Height: 18 1/16 Inch
Technical Details
Amps: 15
Voltage: 120 Volts
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Product Information
Brand: Gaggenau
Model: CM200
Style: Built-in
Control Type: Digital and Knobs
Width: 23 3/8 Inch
Depth: 19 11/16 Inch
Height: 18 1/16 Inch
Technical Details
Amps: 15
Voltage: 120 Volts

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From the Manufacturer

The Difference is Gaggenau
Gaggenau is the world's preeminent brand of restaurant-grade cooking technology for the modern home. Specializing in high-performance built-in kitchen appliances, its sleek portfolio includes ovens, modular gas, electric and induction cooktops, ventilation, refrigerators, dishwashers, specialty appliances such as steamers, grills and deep fryers, and the Asian-influenced Teppan Yaki.

Gaggenau stands for exceptional convenience and intuitive operation, just as in professional kitchens. Products contain high-quality, rugged surface finishes, easy to navigate panels and the most durable of materials, including shot-blasted aluminum surfaces that do not show fingerprints and sturdy control knobs that are a pleasure to use.

Professionals know what they want. They desire clear designs and instinctive controls. The professional kitchen exemplifies the belief that form follows function, and this is the model that Gaggenau has developed its design from. Gaggenau kitchens are not only beautiful, but also intelligent and inspiring. The quality of built-in kitchen appliances begins with the design. Gaggenau builds beautiful ovens, elegant dishwashers, ventilators, cooktops and refrigerators that far exceed expectations. With Gaggenau, form truly follows function.

Gaggenau creates small revolutions in design and technology. Explore their full range of home appliances, and discover how their innovative products combine to help you create the ultimate cooking experience.

Coffee Machine
Pure coffee enjoyment with a home barista, just like the one in a coffee bar. The new built-in, fully automated coffee machine from Gaggenau makes perfect espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato. State-of-the-art technology guarantees full coffee aroma. The coffee machine elegantly integrates into the kitchen cabinetry - high-tech in stainless steel and superior design. For the self-confident gourmet.

The CM 200 Built-In Coffee Machine
Elegantly integrates into cabinetry: high-tech in brushed stainless steel. 24 inches wide. Full aroma: the drip grind is whirled during the brewing process; water reaches each coffee granule. Full flavor: the water pipes are rinsed after each cycle. No water residue, 100% hygiene. A high-end professional coffee machine, just like the one in your local coffee bar. Espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato; foaming milk and brewing coffee without any delay. High-quality conical grinding gear of hardened steel. Thermo block-pump pressure system (15 bar). Very quiet operation.
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Aroma Whirl Brewing Technique:  
Single-Portion Cleaning:  
Thermo Block-Pump Pressure System:  
215 psi (15 Bars)
Immediate Coffee Brewing After Foaming:  
High-End Conical Griding Gear of Hardened Steel:  
Individual Grinding Level Settings:  
6 Levels
Adjustable Brewing Chamber:  
0.3 - 0.5 Oz. (7 to 14 gr)
Coffee Strength Settings:  
6 Levels
Water Level Selection:  
12 Levels
Height Adjustable Coffee Dispenser:  
Removable Water Tank:  
1.6 Quarts (1.8 Liters)
Bean Container with Aroma Preservation Lid:  
14 Oz. (400 gr)
Separate Container for Second Grind Coffee Flavor:  
Functions Display:  
Electronic Fill Level Control for Coffee Beans and Water:  
Electronic Fill Level Control for Drip and Coffee Ground Container:  
Coffee Container, Drip Container, Drop Grid Removable:  
Water Filter for Water Tank:  
Fully Automatic Rinse Program at Turn-On and Turn-Off:  
Automatic Descaling:  
Automatic Cleaning:  
Programmable Functions
Water Hardness:  
4 Levels
Water Filter:  
Coffee Temperature:  
3 Levels
Time Display:  
Turn-On Timer:  
1 to 12 Hours
Total Rating:  
1.3 kW
Total Amps:  
11 Amps
Cable with Grounding Plug:  
Shipping Weight:  
73 Lbs.
23 3/8"
19 11/16"
18 1/16"
Cutout Width:  
22 1/16"
Cutout Depth:  
21 5/8"
Cutout Height:  
17 11/16"


Adjustable Brewing Chamber
  • The adjustable brewing chamber is part of the aroma whirl brewing technique and can be adjusted from 0.3 - 0.5 oz.
Automatic Cleaning and Descaling Program
  • The fully automatic coffee machine supports cleaning and descaling.
  • All essential steps are indicated on the display, others are executed automatically.
  • All it takes is to use the appropriate cleaning and descaling detergent.
Aroma Whirl Brewing Technique
  • The drip grind is whirled during the brewing process; water reaches each coffee granule.
  • Full aroma develops.
Conical Grinding Gear
  • Freshly ground coffee beans are essential for tasty coffee or espresso.
  • The full coffee aroma develops through the high-end conical grinding gear.
  • Six grinding levels, from ultra fine to rough.
Fully Automated Rinse Program
  • When turned on and turned off, all pipes are rinsed.
  • Pure coffee flavor and full aroma, guaranteed.
Function Display
  • The function display indicates all essential coffee brewing operational information, such as coffee strength, cup size and number of cups.
  • The display can be set to 8 different languages and allows for programming of water hardness, water temperature, time, turn-on time and stand-by mode.
Ground Coffee Portioning
  • The ground coffee portion setting (0.3 - 0.5 oz.) allows for individual choice of coffee strength, from smooth to super strong.
  • The setting is indicated in the display.
Separate Container for Second Ground Coffee Type
  • No need to make a choice between fresh beans and a second ground coffee.
  • The separate container offers the ideal solution for another flavor or caffeine-free coffee.
Single Portion Cleaning
  • The water pipes are being rinsed after each coffee brewing cycle, not just when the machine is turned on and off.
  • No residue water, 100% hygiene, full aroma.
Steam and Hot Water Function
  • For convenient preparation of cappuccino, tea or other hot beverages.
  • No inconvenient delay while preparing latte macchiato: foam milk, then immediately brew coffee.
Thermo Block-Pump Pressure System
  • The thermo block always provides the ideal water temperature for coffee or steam.
  • The amount of water needed is released at high pressure into the brewing chamber; the full coffee aroma develops.
Turn-On Timer and Stand-By Mode
  • No waiting at the breakfast table or after lunch, plus energy efficiency.
  • Programming determines a turn-on time; the machine turns on automatically, runs the cleaning program and heats up.
  • The machine is immediately ready-to-operate.
  • The turn-off time is programmable for 1 to 12 hours.
Water Level Control
  • For water capacity, one can choose from 12 individual levels via the knob; from small espresso to a regular American; for one or two cups, or even XXL mugs.
  • The chosen level is indicated on the display.

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